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Get To Know Tan Erasers

Thursday, July 19, 2018
by The Adore Tanning Team

With the endless amounts of positive reasons why we should all love a sunless tan, also comes some hesitation around the wear off process…

Tan Erasers’ are a new innovative formula incorporating all the key ingredients to efficiently and effectively remove a sunless tan while eliminating the need for any harsh scrubbing. By blending exfoliating actives like Urea & Sodium Bicarbonate this facilitates a less abrasive exfoliation, gently lifting and dissolving the colour produced by a sunless tanner.

Urea, one of the more common ingredients you will see incorporated in these effective tan removers is vital for generating moisture in the skin and is known to be a keratolytic agent, which helps soften keratin that holds the top layer of skin cells together. In return, by softening this layer, it generates the shed of dead-skin cell fall-off.

Sodium Bicarbonate another key component included in many of these formulations, aiding in the successful removal of a sunless tanner. Sodium Bicarbonate can break up stains produced from a sunless-tan, through generating an organic chemical reaction called oxidation that takes place when applied to the skin. This oxidation reaction allows the colour produced from DHA (dihydroxyacetone, the active key ingredient responsible for the change of colour) to be easily lifted and removed from the surface of the skin.

Tan erasers are a great accessory to introduce into any sunless tan routine, but it is recommended to allow 24+ hours between the application of your Tan Eraser and the use of your next sunless-tan. Allowing a day or so between these steps will ensure your skin has had time to fully restore and ensure your desired tanning results are achieved. In some cases not allowing sufficient time between removal and application of your self-tanner can alter the tanning product’s performance and interfere with the skin’s reaction to DHA.

Tan Erasers are most effective when removing a tan that is 3+ days old and for a more intensive removal, try pairing the product with an exfoliating mitt, it will enhance the exfoliation and assist with any stubborn areas.

It is always recommended to perform a patch test when introducing new products to the skin to prevent any unexpected reactions occurring. Following the manufactures, instructions is a crucial step and will ensure you achieve the best possible results from when using a Tan Eraser, so take your time reading the instructions.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018
by The Adore Tanning Team

There’s nothing worse than waking up the day after your spray tan, to a white hand print on the side of your cheek, a brown body print on your once fresh sheets, then rolling over to see your boyfriend looking like he has tried to apply a sunless tan himself! Luckily, all of these scenarios can be easily avoided by swapping your traditional 8-hour tan for a trusty Rapid solution!

Rapid solutions vary to the traditional 8hr tan, these handy express solutions give you the option to rinse your tan before you hit the hay and help you out of those last minute ‘I need a tan’ moments when you need a glow on the go!

OK, so how do they differ? The first rule of thumb is, the level of DHA present in a Rapid tan V’s a traditional 8hr tan will always have a higher DHA percentage.

A tan developed from a spray-tan is an organic chemical reaction that occurs on the skin over 8-48hrs between DHA, (in some cases Erythrulose is also added) the proteins and the amino acids that are naturally present within the skin. The pH differences between various skins types mean that every skin type will develop differently as the tolerance to DHA varies. By increasing the level of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) will intensify and increase the depth of colour produced, by decreasing the level it will do the opposite.

Rapid Tan solutions are often equipped with new technologies that allow formulations to have a better delivery system, enabling for enhanced penetration and delivery of active ingredients into the skin.

A “2hr Tan” can be misleading for some, and in most cases, people expect to achieve the deepest and darkest colour in this time frame, but that is not necessarily the case and can cause some disappointment not only in the result but also the brand.

Rapid solutions that are a step ahead of the game, have introduced new technologies when producing more durable cosmetic bronzers facilitating for a longer wear time on the skin. These advance bronzers allow products to deliver a visible difference between where the product has been applied even after showering.

It doesn’t matter what solution or product you choose nothing can accelerate the reaction process between the skin and DHA. The Rapid Tan labels merely publicise the minimum amount of time the product can be left on the skin before rinsing. Although the product has been rinsed, it is still developing, and you just need to hold tight until the full development has occurred.

You can now alter colour depth by varying the times of how long the product is left on the skin then just selecting an 8hr solution based on its DHA percentage.

For example; if you were to leave a rapid solution with 8% DHA on the skin for 8hrs, the developed colour will be deep medium, but if left on the skin for the minimum of 2hrs results will vary between a glow-light. By increasing the percentage of DHA, a solution with 15%DHA when left on the skin for 1-2hrs a light-medium -medium can be attained, 3-4 hours will intensify results increasing the depth of colour developing into a medium-dark medium tan. Please keep in mind that all skins have a threshold when it comes to DHA, so it’s important not stray too far from the products rinse times.

If the skin is oversaturated with DHA, it can cause the product to overreact on the skin making the developed colour either have a golden/orange hue or break down the surface layer of the skin triggered by DHA’s drying effects, this is a common cause of tans becoming uneven a day or two post application.

Understanding the importance of educating your client about the Rapid Tan process is KEY for them achieving the ultimate tan. Your client doesn’t always realise that the colour when they walk out your door is the result of cosmetic bronzers and no matter how long it is left on the skin the majority is going to wash off when they shower. Your client may also be unaware of the importance when it comes to following the instructions of how and when to shower.

To achieve optimal results from your Rapid Tan solutions you need to customise a rinse plan to suit your client’s schedule while satisfying their want, for the desired colour they had in mind. It’s a good idea to keep note and document what solution you sprayed your client with and how long you recommended to leave on the skin for. This will allow you to keep track of what they like or didn’t like, and prevent any hostile situations arising if they didn’t follow your customised directions.

You should be asking your clients and relaying to your clients before and after each Rapid Tan;

Q: What depth of colour did you have in mind?

Q: Are you able to shower in ___hrs? If no, you will have to look at altering your solution to either shorten or extend the time between application and rinsing.

T: After your rinse….Don’t Panic! Your tan hasn’t washed away, development can vary between a max of 12-24 hours!

T: Leaving the solution on longer than recommended can (in some cases) result in your tan overdeveloping, causing your skin to throw orange/golden hues or worse dry your skin creating a scaly and patchy effect.

T: When it is time for a RINSE be sure to avoid; Soaps, Shampoos or Washes until your tan has developed.

T: DON’T jump in and jump out of the shower as this will only cause the bronzers to streak on your skin.

T: Shower until the water begins to run clear. By rubbing your hands over your body will ensure that the bronzers will be rinsed off evenly.

T: Avoid the gym as sweating can hinder the development of the tan.

T: Once your tan has developed, just like the traditional 8hr tan; After Care is just as important when extending the life of your tan and ensuring an even fade.

Moroccan Tan™ Moroccan Accelerated 30 Minute 16% DHA 1 Litre

Who is it ideal for? Is suitable for all skin types & is excellent for a salon looking for a big point of difference.Key Features: Wash n Wear 30 minute tan. For darker results leave on the skin for up to 4 hours, 48 Hour Hydration Technology, Probiotic Defence, Ultra Bronzers, and Loaded with organic ingredients, Sulphate and Paraben free.

Who is it ideal for? Is suitable for all skin types & people wanting to achieve the quickest tan available.Key Features: 20 Minute wash and wear, 14% DHA, achieve a Med- Dark Tan, infused with Naked Tan’s signature scent, suitable for all skin tones.

Who is it ideal for? Suited to clients needing the appearance of a tan in a hurry, reduces spray tan solution development time from 8 hours to under 5 hoursKey Features: No orange tones, long lasting and fades evenly, genuine cocoa brown colour, No noticeable fragrance, provides great hydration for the skin.

Who is it Ideal for? Those looking to develop a deep, dark bronze tan, Tanners wanting dramatic results, those with naturally darker skin tones.Key Features: 2 Hour Rapid Tan, Natural bronze colour, Moisturising & nourishing; great for the skin, long lasting, and fades naturally without patchiness.

Everything You Need to Know About Spray Tan Kits

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
by The Adore Tanning Team

Whether you’re a professional tanner with a salon or you run your own tanning business from home, it’s likely at some stage you would’ve stumbled across spray tan kits in your search for tanning equipment or sunless tan solution. Before you go ahead and make that big purchase here’s a few things to think of before introducing spray tan kits into your home or business.

First things first! You need to have a good understanding of your business keeping in mind the quantity and quality of tans you want to provide your clients with, whilst also not breaking the bank. Whether you’re just starting out fresh in the industry or an experienced, avid tanning professional, there’s an extensive range of spray tanning kits available at arm’s reach to cater to all your business’s needs, whatever the size!

Professional spray tanning kits come in many forms, sizes and brands so look into ones and find an option that fits best with your needs, tailoring a kit to complement your businesses intended use. Consider the amount of spray tans your planning on doing each day, would the equipment you’re looking at cope with the high demand?, or how much solution is used and wasted from over-spray after one spray-tan? These questions will help give you a guide line of your outgoing cost, whilst providing a bench mark for what you want to be charging per spray-tan, eliminating the risk of your business running at a loss.

Using spray tanning kits can be more complex than most people think. So when it comes time to fill the applicator up with solution it’s important to make sure you know what you’re doing!, keeping the user manual close by it’ll show you how to operate the equipment correctly, ensuring your client won’t be left disappointed.

Spray tanning kits just like most things in life need some sort of maintenance in order to keep functioning correctly. Tanning equipment requires frequent cleaning, preventing your applicators from becoming blocked or worse breaking, so being vigilant with your equipment upkeep ensures it lasts for as long as possible. User manuals will provide you with instructions for; daily / monthly cleaning and maintenance procedures to keep things running smoothly. If there does come a time where your machine dysfunctions, refer to your user manual which should provide you with a trouble-shooting guide to fix your issue efficiently, most occasions it will be something pretty simple. If your spray tan kit still doesn’t seem to be running how it used to, look into having it professionally repaired.

Some spray tan kits will allow you to start tanning immediately, partnering a tanning system with essentials like; extractions, tents, disposables and sunless tan solution. When choosing a brand of solution you need to look at your demographic and keep in mind what type of tan they want to achieve by simply investigating what shades and brands are available. One thing is certain though, the quality of tan is only as good as its ingredients, so by selecting a brand that understands the importance of skincare will ensure you’re delivering the ultimate tan every time! Finding the best solution for your mobile, home or salon is easy once you know what you are looking for. Opt for a brand that has developed products with an array of; skin care technologies, colour bases and wash and wear times, this will allow you the opportunity to provide your clients a customised spray-tan that will complement their skin tone, lifestyle and events perfectly.

Adore Tanning will deliver you with; the latest tips & tricks, newest tanning innovations & how too’s?. Adore Tanning is home to a variety of much loved brands and spray tan kits. So when it comes time to kick start your tanning career, grow an existing business or just feel like an upgrade, let us at Adore Tanning equip and educate you with the perfect brands of solution & shades plus all the tanning essentials to suit the needs of your business. Confused? Speak to one of our beauty professionals today.

Want to know more? Call us today to speak to one of our professionals about spray tan kits.

Must-Have Spray Tanning Products

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
by The Adore Tanning Team

The truth is, aside from maintenance, application & preparation of the skin, a sunless tan is only as good as the products that are used. There’s a long list of sunless tanning products at our finger tips & with so many shades, formulas and uses being available, helps ensure we are delivered with the ultimate tan.

Spray-tan solution value packs are designed to ensure you are equipped with the key products of a sunless tanning range, whilst rewarding you with great deals and savings. They are a favourite amongst salons, as well as those running a home or mobile tanning business. Solution value packs are not just a convenient choice; they also allow you to get more value for your money. They work on a system of when you buy more, you save more so stock up and start saving!

Enrich your sunless tan by incorporating gradual tanners & enhancers into your aftercare advice & help your clients stay tanned all year round. In addition to your solution value packs, consider introducing these products after your sunless spray-tan to deliver hydration, at the same time conditioning the skin to accomplish a more natural longer lasting tan. Gradual tanners achieve a natural glow, and are ideal for clients who are concerned about their sunless tan being too dark, like what they say they are, they’re created to use in place of your daily moisturiser to either prolong your sunless tan or too build a gradual tan after each application. With an array of tanning products available, finding a suitable range for your clients shouldn’t be hard.

Cleansers, scrubs & washes formulated specifically for sunless tanning are designed with the intent to hydrate and balance your skin extending your tans lifespan, without stripping a perfectly applied coat fresh coat off. After performing a sunless tan for a client, it’s a good idea to recommend tan-friendly products to avoid a person looking patchy & scaly. Inform your clients of this risk to ensure that they won’t have to experience the frustration and disappointment of ruining their sunless tan.

Still a little confused about what products are perfectly suited to complement you or your business? Search our online range @ Adore Tanning or have a chat with one of our friendly beauty experts today!

Finding Your Perfect Shade

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
by The Adore Tanning Team

Take it from us; with the overwhelming amount of sunless tanning products available in stores and online, it can make things a little more confusing when it comes to selecting the perfect sunless shade to enhance and complement your skin tone. Here’s how to avoid being dazed and confused when choosing from this vast array of sunless tanning solutions.

While searching for Mr.Right might seem like a never ending hunt, finding the right shade for your skin type doesn’t need to be. Spray tanning solutions come in many shades, formulas & blends. So as confused as you might be now, finding the ideal one for your particular skin is definitely possible.

Tanning solutions will normally offer a variety of colour bases. These bases are what will deliver you either a warm, cool or ashy undertone too your tan. So when it comes time to reach for your spray tanning solutions make sure you have an understanding of these colour bases, further enhancing your desired result.

Enhance your skins radiance by choosing the correct colour base to compliment your skins tone. Keep in mind all colour bases in spray tanning solutions can be applied to any skin tone, but just like picking your foundation you want the perfect match.

So which solution will complement my skins complexion?

If you need help choosing new spray tanning solutions, for home use or for salon, home or mobile business, contact one of the beauty gurus at Adore Tanning today!

A Step by Step Guide to Achieving the Perfect Tan

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
by The Adore Tanning Team

If you run a home, mobile or salon tanning business, you’ll know there’s definitely a knack to killing it in the spray tan game. Trying to achieve a perfectly flawless spray tan will be near impossible if you’re not equipped with the correct tools, knowledge and understanding of your products. Education is KEY if You want to achieve the ultimate spray tan for your clients. Just think every client that steps out your door with one of your spray tans is FREE marketing, so ensuring these walking billboards only highlighting your tanning skills is a must vs. exposing your lack of experience.

Before using spray tan kits, you should instruct your clients to properly prepare their body for the process. Ensure that they exfoliate and exfoliate well by ridding their body of dry skin; residue from a prior tan, in addition it will also prep and prime the skin creating a clean smooth surface for application. By combining a mitt and your favourite tanning exfoliator product will achieve the ultimate body exfoliation. Recommend that your client; exfoliates, waxes, or shaves the day prior to tanning this will allow the pores of the skin to close, with just a quick rinse the day of the tan to wash off any perfumes or oil residues from the day’s activities. If your client chooses to ignore your advice it can vary the tans; longevity, depth of color, and also increases the risk of the tan looking patchy or uneven.

You’ll want to instruct your clients to introduce sunless tan after care products into their daily beauty regime; in return it will increase the longevity of their sunless tan & reduce the risks of your tan fading unevenly. Recommend the use of soap free body washes, allows the skin to stay hydrated & prevent a sunless tan from being stripped away by astringent soaps, a tan extender will help with topping up a fading tan, moisturise & boost skins hydration all at the same time!

To avoid jump starting the exfoliation process recommend to your clients, just to gently pat skin dry after a shower & make sure they obey the golden rule; moisturise!

Whether you’re running a tanning business from home or own a professional salon, investing in superior equipment and spray tan kits will ensure you’re providing your clients with the best tan possible. With solutions in a range of shades and a variety of brands and useful tools, it makes things a little easier when trying to achieve the perfect sunless tan with our comprehensive range available online. Want to know more? Call us today to speak to one of our tanning professionals about spray tan kits.

Going, going, GREEN!

Monday, September 25, 2017
by The Adore Tanning Team

Unless it’s Halloween, nobody wants to be green. Solutions come in lots of different bases, but even if your solution is ‘green based’ it should never throw shades of green. To avoid being green with envy over someone else’s perfect spray, it is important to prep the skin properly and store your solution in the right way.

Skin Prep

Prepping for a spray tan is a step that you just cannot skip. If you want to defuzz, it’s recommended doing this at least 24 hours before your tan to allow your pores time to close. Before your appointment, you need to exfoliate away any dead skin cells as well as any leftover moisturiser, deodorant, makeup or perfumes you may have on your skin. If you are going to wash your hair, do this before exfoliating to make sure you scrub away any shampoo and conditioner residues from your skin.

After your shower, don’t apply anything to your skin or before your appointment. Chemicals in things such as moisturiser, deodorant and perfume can react with the active ingredients in tanning solutions and this is what can cause the skin to turn green. Even if it doesn’t turn your skin green, it can still prevent the DHA from developing properly which can leave you with a patchy tan, or a tan that isn’t as dark as you desire.

Storage Solutions

As a spray tan technician, storing your solution in the correct way is so important. Bottles of solution usually have an expiry date on them. It’s useful to note that this expiry is only for an unopened bottle of solution. Once opened, most solutions have about a 6 month life until the bronzers start to break down resulting in the solution changing colour. As your solution is nearing the end of it useable life, the solution will start to turn a Khaki colour and then it will eventually turn green. If you only do the occasional spray tan, you should make a note of the date you opened the solution on the bottle so you know when it’s time to grab a new bottle. If you have a bottle of solution sitting in your stock at the moment that you’re not sure about, check the lid. Solution that is past its use by will generally have a green ring around the inside of the lid.

It’s also a good idea to give our solutions a nice place to sleep. Never store your solutions in the direct sunlight. Just as rays from the sun can be bad for our skin, the heat from the sun can be bad for your spray tan solution. It likes to be kept in a cool, dark environment at least 20 degrees Celsius or below. Once you have poured solution out of the bottle, don’t pour it back into the bottle. Consider purchasing extra storage cups for your chosen machine to store any leftover solution at the end of your spray tans. Less is more, and remember you can always add more to the cup if you run out.


Brand Spotlight: Minx Bronzing & Cosmetics

Thursday, June 8, 2017
by The Adore Tanning Team

We recently sat down with Monica Griffin to find out more about Minx Bronzing and Cosmetics.

Starting as an extension of her successful nail business, Minx Bronzing and Cosmetics is now a well loved Australian spray tanning brand, owned and operated by a #girlboss. With a belief that spray tanning is not just a beauty essential but a lifestyle product, the Minx professional range consists of 4 different spray tan solutions to suit all skin types.

Minx has a personality all of her own. The Minx girl is sassy, conscious of what she is putting on her skin and of course, always glowing. Minx owner and #girlboss, Monica Griffin says she is asked all the time what her number one spray tan tip is and her answer is always to wear a spray tan that suits you and your skin. Minx understands that no two skins are the same. Every ingredient in their formulations has been thoroughly analysed for its benefits to the skin before it is utilized in their spray tan solutions. The ingredients focus heavily on prescriptive Spray Tanning and colour theory. This ensures that the right product with the right ingredients for you is used and that you not only achieve the perfect colour on your skin but that each spray tan is beneficial to the skin.

When asked what separates Minx Bronzing and Cosmetics from other spray tan brands, Monica says “We are real and personable which helps us to develop relationships within the industry, and we truly listen to our customers ideas and value their input. This assists us to deliver effective products resulting in innovative, smart and luxurious beauty that actually cares for the skin”

Monica personally wears Violet Sunset from the professional spray tanning range because it sits really well on her skin tone. Minx Bronzing and Cosmetics operates on the idea that one size does not fit all. Every body is different and so too is our skin and the reason you get a tan. Minx Bronzing and Cosmetics want to make you feel good and to have a spray tan that suits you, your needs and your skin. Minx Bronzing and Cosmetics passion for the beauty industry has allowed that idea to grow.

Minx has grown from one spray tan solution, the Chocolate Sun bronzing liquid, to 4 professional spray tan solutions and they’ve got a few new products up their sleeve. Their Chocolate Sun bronzing liquid is still in that line up and is one of their most popular spray tan solutions today! Minx is well loved across the globe, including by a very well known celebrity in LA, and many of your favorite TV stars and social media influencers rock their Minx spray tan. If there was one celebrity that Monica would love to see in a Minx Bronzing spray tan though, it would have to be Chris Hemsworth. There would be just one stipulation, she would have to perform the spray tan herself!

Minx Bronzing professional solutions are currently 20% off until June 30 2017 (excludes value packs) Minx Essential Kit is currently 40% off until June 30 2017