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Get To Know Tan Erasers

Monday, February 1, 2021
by John Doe

With the endless amounts of positive reasons why we should all love a sunless tan, also comes some hesitation around the wear off process…

Tan Erasers’ are a new innovative formula incorporating all the key ingredients to efficiently and effectively remove a sunless tan while eliminating the need for any harsh scrubbing. By blending exfoliating actives like Urea & Sodium Bicarbonate this facilitates a less abrasive exfoliation, gently lifting and dissolving the colour produced by a sunless tanner.

Urea, one of the more common ingredients you will see incorporated in these effective tan removers is vital for generating moisture in the skin and is known to be a keratolytic agent, which helps soften keratin that holds the top layer of skin cells together. In return, by softening this layer, it generates the shed of dead-skin cell fall-off.

Sodium Bicarbonate another key component included in many of these formulations, aiding in the successful removal of a sunless tanner. Sodium Bicarbonate can break up stains produced from a sunless-tan, through generating an organic chemical reaction called oxidation that takes place when applied to the skin. This oxidation reaction allows the colour produced from DHA (dihydroxyacetone, the active key ingredient responsible for the change of colour) to be easily lifted and removed from the surface of the skin.

Tan erasers are a great accessory to introduce into any sunless tan routine, but it is recommended to allow 24+ hours between the application of your Tan Eraser and the use of your next sunless-tan. Allowing a day or so between these steps will ensure your skin has had time to fully restore and ensure your desired tanning results are achieved. In some cases not allowing sufficient time between removal and application of your self-tanner can alter the tanning product’s performance and interfere with the skin’s reaction to DHA.

Tan Erasers are most effective when removing a tan that is 3+ days old and for a more intensive removal, try pairing the product with an exfoliating mitt, it will enhance the exfoliation and assist with any stubborn areas.

It is always recommended to perform a patch test when introducing new products to the skin to prevent any unexpected reactions occurring. Following the manufactures, instructions is a crucial step and will ensure you achieve the best possible results from when using a Tan Eraser, so take your time reading the instructions.

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