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About Us

With access to more than 25 leading brands focused on the ultimate tan, no company helps the tanning industry as we do.

The team at Adore Tanning has developed and sourced the very best products and tools that encourage creativity and innovation in the world of tanning. We are committed to sharing our knowledge of the industry- to the industry.

Adore Tanning is committed to creating tanning innovation that meets the changing needs of consumers. Like all salon owners, we understand that not all clients are the same. We strive to provide all the best brands and online distribution within the industry.

The spray tan brands distributed on Adore Tanning, have become iconic names within the tanning industry. These include Vani-T, Moroccan Tan, Sunescape, Jbronze, Summer Tan, Black Magic, Spray Aus, Bella Bronze, California Tan and Tanning Essentials.

With support from our large network within the industry, we seek to improve and better the tanning industry and deliver quality products to our customers through the Adore Tanning website. These brands have led us to understand the market and deliver quality products to all our customers.