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VANI-T Professional Kit Save 26%
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ProV Spray Tan Machine with Vani-T Spray Tan Solution Save 25%
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Vani-T Liquid Sun Medium Save 5%
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Vani-T Liquid Sun Dark Save 5%
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Save 5%
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Vani-T Velocity Dark Save 8%
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Vani-T Velocity Ultra Dark Save 8%
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Vani-T Velocity Violet Save 8%
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Vani-T Favourites 3 Pack Save 20%
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Vani-T Liquid Sun Medium 3 Pack Save 11%
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Vani-T Liquid Sun Dark 3 Pack Save 11%
$307.50 $275.00

Since bursting on the scene in 2004, VANI-T spray tan products have become a popular and well respected choice globally. The VANI-T tanning solution range has been admired for being beneficial to the skin, environmentally and ethically-friendly and providing outstanding value for money.

VANI-T Spray Tan Solution

Using natural ingredients to enhance and invigorate your skin, VANI-T spray tan formula is perfectly designed to give you or your clients a vibrant bronze glow.

VANI-T Tan will boost your client's confidence and keep them coming back time after time. It's ideal for disguising cellulite, stretch marks and other skin imperfections. VANI-T Tanning Solutions are proven to fade more consistently than 80% of leading rival competitors.

Fast-acting ingredients mean you can achieve a sunless tan rapidly and look your best quicker than ever. Chosen by celebrities and used by professionals over the world, VANI-T spray tan solution is widely regarded as one of the best and fastest ways to achieve a flawless and long-lasting tan.

VANI-T Rapid Kit

The VANI-T Rapid Kit is perfect for those who wish to start up or update their set up – and best of all, it comes loaded with the essentials you need and a selection of the best VANI-T spray tan solutions!

The VANI-T Kit includes the Tanning Essentials Rapid Spray Tan System – an essential item for all busy salons. Featuring a lightweight ergonomic workstation, 2 spray applicators, and innovative touch technology controls, the VANI-T Rapid Kit makes spray tanning a breeze.

Contents of the VANI-T Rapid Kit:

  • 1 x VANI-T Velocity Dark 1L
  • 1 x VANI-T Velocity Dark Violet 1L
  • 1 x VANI-T Velocity Ultra Dark 1L
  • Tanning Essentials Cardboard Clean Feet | Pack of 25
  • Tanning Essentials Disposable Starter Pack | 25 Hair Caps + 25 G-Strings
  • Tanning Essentials Pop Up Tent
  • Tanning Essentials Rapid Spray Tan System

VANI-T Professional Kit

The VANI-T Professional Kit is perfect for professional salons and comes complete with all the essentials and a professional VANI-T spray tan solution for all occasions.

The VANI-T Professional Kit includes the Tanning Essentials Spray Station, which is an all-in-one system that features a powerful inbuilt spray tan unit that is connected to the premium Tanning Essentials Rapid Applicator. The system comes with a triple fan clean air system that effortlessly works to draw any excess tanning solution into its efficient four-stage filtration system. The Spray Station also minimises overspray to achieve a cleaner and healthier environment for both the spray tan technician and their clients. The VANI-T Professional Kit gives you all the tools you need to deliver an ultra-fine airbrush application and a flawless VANI-T tan every time.

The VANI-T Professional Kit also comes with a selection of VANI-T Solutions, allowing you to cater to all clients. It also comes with all the disposables needed to spray clients comfortably and professionally so they'll be coming back for more.

Contents of the VANI-T Professional Kit:

  • 1 x VANI-T Fusion 1L
  • 1 x VANI-T Liquid Sun Dark 1L
  • 1 x VANI-T Liquid Sun Medium 1L
  • 1 x VANI-T Velocity Dark 1L
  • 1 x VANI-T Velocity Ultra Dark 1L
  • 1 x VANI-T Velocity Violet 1L
  • Tanning Essentials Cardboard Clean Feet | Pack of 25
  • Tanning Essentials Disposable G-Strings – Black | Pack of 100
  • Tanning Essentials Disposable Hair Caps | Pack of 100
  • Tanning Essentials Spray Station


VANI-T's tanning range is popular with A-list celebrities and everyday users alike and is used all around the world thanks to the deep bronze glow it delivers. A natural, even and long-lasting tan can be achieved with VANI-T's tanning range, which also offers a seamless tan to fade . VANI-T's tanning formulas also help to mask cellulite and stretchmarks.

The VANI-T Pro V kit also includes the cutting edge Tanning Essentials Pro V System which has been perfectly designed for use by both the busy salon and the small mobile professional. More powerful than ever, yet quieter and sleeker, the Pro V System comprises of many sought after advanced features. This includes, controls with six power settings to accommodate all Vani-T spray tan solutions and various spray techniques, built in air heat function, smart memory features that recall your previous settings, a minimum maintenance regime and cup holders to store additional solution cups for quick access.

The VANI-T Pro V Kit also comes with a Pro V Applicator which boasts never seen before technology, offering a more controlled and narrower spray pattern, adaptable spray designs with a lock in position feature, DHA resistant needle and nozzle as well as a leak free integrated cup delivering a streak free, flawless application each and every time.

Contents of the VANI-T ProV Kit:

  • 1 x ProV Spray Tan System
  • 1 x VANI-T Liquid Sun 8%
  • 1 x VANI-T Liquid Sun 12%
  • 1 x VANI-T Fusion 10%
  • 1 x TE Tent Black 1/3 Clear

Disposables Included:

  • 25 x Clean Feet
  • 25 x G-Strings
  • 25 x Hair Nets