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The internet is full of all manner of DIY tips for fake tan removers, but when it comes to an important job done right, you want it done with the best products on the market. When professional-level tanning products are at your disposal, why run the risk of subpar efforts? You skin is important and must be protected.


At Adore Tanning, we stock a variety of leading brands from all over the world – all offering safe options to help you effectively remove a fake tan. Products moisturise and exfoliate the skin gently, while also peeling away your sunless tan. You’ll not come across any unpleasant smells with our fake tan removers, as they come with pleasant citrus scents and leave your skin clean and fresh.

Removal products are not harsh; they are gentle on the skin and will not leave scratches. They are perfectly designed to remove a fake tan and its colour, while also nourishing your skin. In addition, some products are ideally suited to providing ‘touch-ups’ and fixing imperfections in the skin before tanning agents are applied.

Take advantage of our FREE shipping offer when you spend more than $200 on a single purchase – and help yourself to a free gift too! For more information on our products and offers, don’t hesitate to call 1300 867 826 and talk to our tanning specialists.