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Moroccan Tan Bronzer
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Moroccan Tan Bronzer

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Moroccan Bronzer has been perfectly formed by blending warm bronzed tones and a subtle shimmer to enhance your complexion and achieve a great radiant finish.

MoroccanTan Bronzer has been perfectly formed by blending warm bronzed tones and a subtle shimmer to enhance your complexion and achieve a great radiant finish. This pressed powder bronzer is infused with Organic Argan and Rosehip Oil and enriched with a combination of essential Vitamins E and C to prevent the signs of ageing whilst deeply hydrating the skin. The ultra-lightweight formula blends effortlessly into the skin, minimizing the appearance of pores and imperfections. Suitable for all skin types.

Quick, soft contouring and highlighting are about naturally enhancing your facial features. It creates shade and pushes areas back to create definition and structure on your face and/ or body. Start with a small amount of product on your brush and add as needed. It is easier to add more product than it is to take it off.

Who is it ideal for?

  • Those wanting to enhance facial contours
  • Those wanting to enhance their existing tan

key features:

  • Australian Made Vegan Friendly + Cruelty Free
  • PEG + Paraben Free
  • Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Key Ingredients:

  • Free from DHA
  • Organic Argan Oil
  • Natural Rosehip Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C

how to use:

  • To highlight your cheekbones: When contouring under your cheekbones, pinch the Finishing Brush and use the thinner end to apply the product. Using the middle of your ear as a guide, apply matte bronzer in the direction to the corner of your lips, stopping at brows end.
  • To slim the nose: Apply bronzer to the sides of the nose, creating a contrasting colour that adds dimension to the nose.
  • To bring dimension along jawline: Pick up product with a brush and tap off excess, blend powder underneath the jaw to create a sharper looking jawline.
  • To bring dimension and shape to the hairline: Gently sweep the bronzer across your hairline, going from the centre of your forehead and moving out towards your temples.
  • To accentuate collarbone: pick up matte bronzer with brush and pinch bristles. Using the thinner edge of the brush, brush product in a straight line following the top and bottom of your collarbone. Wipe the brush off before picking up the illuminator and apply the product right on top of the bone.


Naturally enhanced facial features with a radiant glow.

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