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Comp Colour Unleashed
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Comp Colour Unleashed

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Comp Colour Unleashed is a sturdy core product that can be used as a base tan and a stage ready Gloss to achieve a fierce glow.

Comp Colour Unleashed Ultra-Dark Gloss is a weightless dry oil armed with a rapid dry time. Comp Colour Unleashed is a sturdy core product that can be used as a base tan and a stage ready Gloss to achieve a fierce glow. Adaptive HD colour pigments will colour match with all skin tones to deliver a surge of intense colour with extreme depth.

Packed with essential nutrients, and hydrating properties Comp Colours formulation douses the skin upon application, replenishing, strengthening and restoring its protective barrier fortifying dominant tanning results.

Who is it ideal for?

  • Those wanting to build a competition base tan
  • Those wanting deep competition colour
  • Those wanting the darkest competition base tan

key features:

  • Australian made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free
  • No Bad Odours
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Dry Oil Gloss
  • Advanced HD Adaptive Bronzers


This product is intended for home & professional use and is best applied using an application mitt and layer as needed to build you ideal competition winning colour. Apply in a well-ventilated area to clean, exfoliated skin. Apply 1-2 days before the event to build base tan & day of competition for a gloss finish.

Adore Tanning DIY Skin Prep

  • Get smooth & wax or shave 24 hours before the spray tan
  • Scrub! Shower & exfoliate 12-24 hours prior to your DIY sunless tan application
  • No skin barriers! Have bare skin & do not apply perfumes, moisturisers, butters or oils before your DIY sunless tan application
  • Stay comfortable! Wear loose dark clothing along with slides or thongs to ensure you do not mark your tan.

Adore Tanning DIY Sunless Tan Application

  • Prep & prime skin to create an even base
  • Soften your skin. Apply a generic barrier cream to any areas that tend to grab product or go to dark.
  • Start from the bottom. Starting from your ankles work your way up the body.
  • Go lightly over the feet, hands & face as these areas should always look slightly lighter.
  • Use a wet towel at the end of the application and wipe over the palm of hands, finger & toenails to remove excess tan.


Ultra-Dark colour with an illuminating glossy finish. For ultimate gloss use before stepping on stage to attain a gloss finish.

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the adore experience

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