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Tanning Essentials Application Tanning Mitt - 10 Pack
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Tanning Essentials Application Tanning Mitt - 10 Pack

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The Tanning Essentials Application Mitt protects your palms from tanning and easily applies your tanning product to all areas of the body including the back of your hands, ankles, and feet. The Tanning Essentials Mitt delivers a quick and flawless streak-free application and will effortlessly smooths the perfect amount of product over the skin.

Who is it ideal for?

  • Those wanting a flawless DIY tan application
  • Those wanting to blend out a sunless tan application

how to use:

To achieve the perfect sunless tan application, for first use hand wash your mitt in warm water and leave to dry, this is to be repeated between each tan application. Product is best applied to the mitt, then body using long even strokes, followed by a gentle buffing to ensure the product has seamlessly blended into the skin.


  • To apply your sunless tanner, place hand inside the mitt with velour side covering the palm of the hand, and apply your preferred tanner to the surface of the mitt.
  • Before applying to the body, squeeze hand (closed fist) to blend out the product on the mitt.
  • Apply product in long even strokes, starting from your ankles and working in sections, up the body.

Mitt maintenance:

  • Wash mitt with warm soapy water after each application and allow to dry naturally.


Flawless application of any DIY sunless tanning product.

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