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Winter is over! Get ready for summer…

Thursday, August 22, 2013
by John Doe

Everybody, it’s time to breathe a little easier again.  We’ve ploughed our way through layers, heaters and hot chocolates and finally come out on the other side.  Hello, summertime!  But before you go baring it on the beach again, follow these steps to getting your summer skin mojo back on the up!

How many different shades of foundation do you wear throughout the year?  Hint: it should be more than one.  Your face will naturally develop a warmer, bronzed up tint during the summer season (even when you’ve been diligently applying your SPF daily) so your summer foundation should naturally be a shade or two darker than what you’ve been using June to August.

Summer is also a great time to give your skin a break from wearing heavy foundation and experimenting with lighter skincare/makeup hybrids like tinted moisturisers, BB or CC creams.

The cold temps, high winds and all-round weather flatness of winter call for richer skincare formulations and heavier moisturisers, but when the sun starts to shine again you can switch to a lighter model.  Gel moisturisers are a great option for après sun, and can be kept in the fridge which has the added benefit of keeping the product fresh longer (due to delayed oxidation).

There’s no hiding them any longer – it’s time to get your legs out again.  Hopefully at Adore Tanning we’ve drilled into you the benefits of exfoliation pre-tanning, but what is better to scrub up with?  Sugar or salt?  Neither is essentially better than the other, it all comes down to personal preference.  Sugar scrubs are fine-grained and generally dissolve upon application, so are gentler on skin and therefore better aligned to a sensitive skin type, whereas salt (made up of rock, marine and dead sea salts) can be more abrasive so must be used with a much gentler technique, however have mineralizing and detoxifying benefits.

A good exfoliated skin is just begging to be tanned upon.  We love classic favourites like California Tan Instant Sunless Lotion that uses a lightweight gel formulation for an all-over flawless golden colour, and the handy Norvell 360° Tanning Spray that uses a custom technology that allows for upside application in hard to reach places.

All about keeping the tan going and going?  Try adding Aviva Shower Glow into your morning routine.  This foaming body cleanser uses active tanning ingredient DHA to impart further colour and prolong your radiant glow.