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What’s in spray tan solutions?

Friday, April 20, 2012
by John Doe

Spray tanning has become a hugely popular trend in the last few years, mainly because people have begun to realise that sun baking poses too greater health risks. Spray tanning provides a sunless alternative, helping us to have a summer glow without the harmful UV rays. However this brings us to a large question. Is spray tanning safe? What are all the ingredients in the spray tan solutions?  Like most cosmetic products, tanning solutions often contain a multitude of ingredients that you may be unfamiliar with.  To help put your mind at rest, we have compiled a glossary of some of the most common tanning ingredients and their properties.

As you have just learnt, not only can spray tan solutions give you a glorious summer glow, but many of the ingredients can also help your skin in other ways.  Sunless tanning truly is the smart choice, so start avoiding the sun’s harsh rays and get yourself familiar with spray tanning. Here is a useful list of tanning terminology to help get you started.

So there you have a comprehensive list of the ingredients that you are likely to find in spray tan solutions. With this knowledge, you now know what to avoid and what to look out for when you’re next buying your tanning products!