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What is the Best Self Tanner?

Friday, February 24, 2012
by John Doe

There’s no denying it – glowing and radiant skin helps to make us feel healthy, attractive and confident!  With the warm summer weather we’re eager to have a perfect tan, yet with the knowledge that UV rays are dangerous, it’s important to avoid the sun and instead find the best self tanner for your skin.  With a high-quality and appropriately coloured tanning solution, you can have the perfect summer complexion. So here are some tips on choosing the best self tanner for your skin type.

1.  Don’t be fooled by price! When it comes to purchasing a sunless tanning solution, more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better.  There are endless brands on the market these days, which means there is a great range of affordable, high quality tanning products.

2.  Get advice from an expert. If you’re planning to apply self tanner at home, it’s definitely worth booking into a tanning salon for a spray tan and consultation.  Using spray tan solutions, they can help you find an appropriate colour for your skin type and advise you of a self-tanning lotion that is a similar shade.

3.  Know your skin type. While self-tanners can help to boost your sun tan, it’s worth knowing your natural skin colour. If you are naturally pale, don’t be tempted to choose solutions that are extra dark. Instead try a medium tanning solution and build your way up if necessary.

4.  Lotions or foams? We tend to recommend tanning lotions, as they help to moisturise your skin at the same time. A tan will always apply and last for longer if your skin is well hydrated!

5.  Avoid red based bronzers. If your skin has pink undertones, then you are best avoiding self tanners with any red based bronzers. These are likely to make your skin look ruddy. If you have olive based skin then you’re lucky – your skin should suit most self-tanning colours.

6.  Be careful of your skin allergies! If you have skin that tends to be reactive and sensitive, test small amounts of a self-tanner on your skin before applying it to your whole body. This is the best way to find a tanning product that your skin can handle, without experiencing a stressful breakout. You can also check the back of the tanning solution for any ingredients that you are allergic to.

7.  Do you like the smell of beauty products, or do you tend to choose fragrance-free products? There is now an extensive range of tanning products on the market, so if you don’t like the smell of self-tanners then you can choose one that’s odour-free.

Unfortunately there isn’t one best self tanner for everyone to use. Therefore, it’s important to take your time to find the right sunless tanning product for your skin type and complexion.  With some help from the tips above, this should be much easier. And the great thing is – once you’ve found the best self tanner for your skin, you can keep using it forever. People may even start thinking it’s your natural colour!