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Thursday, October 22, 2015
by John Doe

Ways you are ruining  your skin in your twenties

Too tired to wash your face before you go to bed tonight? One or two nights wouldn’t hurt…right? We’ll run through all the ways you may be ruining your skin that you may not even realise you are doing.

Cake Face

Are you guilty of being a cake face? Try to avoid wearing heavy make up to allow your skin to breathe, as this can result in clogging your pores and causing serious acne. Opt for lighter options for during the week; such as tinted moisturiser, or alternatively mixing your foundation with sunscreen or moisturiser for a more natural look.

Pimple Popper

There’s no two ways about it. While it is true that you should leave pimples alone  to let them pop on their own when ready,  not one person can resist the urge of popping a white pimple that’s staring at them in the mirror! Popping pimples can ultimately cause pores to enlarge.  By touching your face you are also transferring bacteria into the affected area making it even worse.

‘I’ll just wash it in the morning”

Feeling too tired/lazy to wash your face at night? Big No No! Neglecting washing your face can lead to a build up of dirt and oil which can result in bacterial infections and acne. No thanks!

To Tan or Not To Tan The Face…That  is the Question.

As we all know sun tanning can cause skin damage and premature ageing, so it is imperative we take the sunless approach when wanting to achieve a natural glow. Opt for a spray tan, or alternately go for an instant tan product or gradual tanner so that you can keep on reapplying as needed.

Hydrate, All Day, Every Day.

On a daily basis we should be drinking at least 2 litres (eight glasses)  of water. If you are constantly dehydrated  your skin may appear dry and flaky. Nourish your insides and hydrate! Try adding lemon juice or fruit pieces  to make it more exciting.


No one can help feeling stressed. Whatever the cause may be it can potentially cause damage  long or short term. Dullness, expression lines, rashes or blemishes; try to take a breather and slow down. Indulge in things that relax or relieve you to attempt to alleviate the situation somewhat.

Cigarette Smoker.

Whether you are a cigarette smoker yourself or are exposed to second hand smoke, inhalation can trigger premature ageing, causing the  elastin and collagen in your skin to eventually break down.