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The Ultimate Guide to Spray Tan Accessories

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
by John Doe

Spray tanning businesses can either be a success or a failure – it all depends on fitting the right equipment and spray tan accessories in the spray tan salon. You need to be fully aware about these spray tan accessories and know what purpose they serve in the salon if you are planning on opening a new business. Here is a brief view on each of these spray tan accessories, which are vital to keep in a tanning salon:

A spray tanning tent is an essential spray tan accessory for every spray tan salon and mobile tanning business as it perfectly creates a professional environment for the clients to be spray tanned on. These tents ensure that over-spray remains in one space and then filtered away. Spray tan tents can be portable or fixed, and they carry an opening at one side of the tent where an air extraction unit can be placed.

Clean Feet are important spray tan accessories as they are specifically designed to protect the soles of the feet from over-tanning and turning brown. Unwanted spray tanning residue will not gather on the client’s feet with its help. Clean feet are easy to use; simply peel off the paper of the clean feet so that a sticky surface is exposed. Place these on the floor and stand over them before the spray tan session to stick them to the feet.

Disposable hair caps are the best spray tan accessory for protecting the hair of the client during a spray tanning session. These caps are comfortable to wear and they keep unwanted hair off the face.

Every spray tanning business needs hand towels for cleaning purposes by the client and the spray tan applier. These spray tan accessories are usually dark in colour so that spray tan stains do not show.

Barrier creams are essential spray tan accessories as they play a major role during the spray tanning session. These creams prevent the DHA from over-absorbing in the dry areas of the body, such as the elbows, ankles, palms, soles and cuticles. This means unwanted spray tan build-up will not form on the body and create a blotchy look on the client. Barrier creams also moisturize the skin so that a perfect colour is created and blended on areas that may over-tan. The cream simply has to be applied prior to the spray tan session over areas that you do not desire to turn brown. The cream has to be left on until the session is completed and then wiped off with warm water.

A spray tan primer is another important spray tan accessory. A primer prepares the client’s skin for the spray tan session by lowering its pH level and adds moisture.

Like disposable hair caps, disposable g-strings are an essential spray tan accessory. These keep the underwear area free from spray tan.