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Top 5 Winter Health Mistakes

Monday, July 8, 2013
by John Doe

It always seems no matter what we do we suffer in Winter; runny noses, dry itchy skin and the risk of Winter weight gain are all part of life in the colder months. So here are the five most common winter health mistakes people make and what you can do to minimize your suffering and remain healthy until summer returns.

Skipping breakfast – Though it may be tempting to stay in bed a bit longer and just grab a coffee on the way to work you must make time each morning for breakfast. Your metabolism slows down while you sleep; eating breakfast ensures your body is burning energy rather than trying to store it.

Ignoring your skin – The rules of good skincare still apply in Winter no matter how cold the bathroom gets. Keep your showers short and don’t dry out your skin by having the water too hot. Be sure you use tanning extenders to maintain your tan and then tanning remover when it’s time to reapply. Once removed take the time to exfoliate and moisturize your skin before applying a new tanning solution.

Keep it clean – Flu season has arrived so it’s more important than ever to minimize your contact with germs. Take the time to wipe down the surfaces in your home and workspace regularly, particularly areas with a lot of human contact such as door knobs and computer keyboards. Make sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Be sure to moisturize them afterwards so that your skin doesn’t dry out.

Oversleeping – Make an effort to get up at the same time each morning. Too much sleep causes issues with your body clock and will leave you feeling lethargic. The promise of a warm shower with a sweet smelling body wash as soon as you wake up will motivate you to get out of bed.

Stay hydrated – Not drinking enough water will make you feel lethargic and make your skin dry and irritated. Even in the colder months it’s important to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. This will keep your skin nourished and soft. A light winter tan will not only give you a warm Winter glow but also help to keep your skin hydrated.

What’s the biggest Winter health mistake you have made? Do you have any tips for picking the perfect winter tan? Let us know now!