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Top 10 Beauty Tips for Summer

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
by John Doe

The hot summer heat can be very harsh to your body. But never fear, here are our top 10 beauty tips for summer to help keep your skin healthy and beautiful:

Drink plenty of water

Whereas water helps to clear away any unwanted toxins that may have build up in your body, it also helps to keep your skin hydrated and moist in summer when temperatures are hot.

Apply the right moisturiser

Consulting with a skin expert may help you identify the best summer tan moisturizer available. But you also need to be careful because your skin may end up dehydrated if your moisturizer is too light. Also, if it is too rich and heavy, you may increase breakouts and end up with a greasy looking complexion.

Use sunscreen

It protects your skin from damage and pigmentation so it is one of our favourite beauty tips for summer. Be sure to apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes before you go out without forgetting to cover your chest and ears.

Eat healthy

By eating lots of vegetables and fresh fruits throughout summer, you can also help keep your skin glowing as well as reducing your chances of putting on any unnecessary weight.

Avoid excessive alcohol

Another essential beauty tips for summer is to remember that excessive drinking will dehydrate your skin and start the formation of fine lines, wrinkles or even breakouts that can ultimately interfere with your summer tan.

Wear mineral makeup

This type of makeup is a great alternative because it allows your skin to breathe in addition to covering any flaws and accentuating your features.

Ensure that you get enough sleep

This one is a must to help prevent all those panda eyes, as well as giving you that nice a refreshed glow that comes with having a big long sleep.

Get a spray tan

If you want a great summer tan without all those harmful effects that come along with exposing your body to the sun’s UV rays, then spray tanning is a must! It is our favourite beauty tips for summer when we want to keep our sun kissed glow.

Apply a hydrating body moisturiser

As well as keeping your skin smooth and moist, it is also an important step in taking care of your spray tan. A hydrating body moisturiser ensures that your summer tan lasts a lot longer.

Live, laugh and give

Where would beauty tips for summer be without this one? Let your inner beauty shine by appreciating the precious moments that life brings your way. Take nothing for granted!