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To Spray Tan or Not to Tan?

Friday, October 21, 2011
by John Doe

Tospray tan or not to tan, that is the question. There are many events in our lives that demand us to be at our best looking, but should we necessarily go spray tanning for each and every one of them? We will give you a quick rundown of times you should and shouldn’t jump on the spray gun.

Definitely a yes. Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or a guest you will have to look your best. Also be aware that you will probably get your photo taken about a million times and the flash from a camera can make your skin look lighter than it really is. Just make sure you don’t get your spray tan done on the big day. Spray tanning two days your wedding is key. Unless you have a lot of experience applying a tanning lotion, we probably wouldn’t recommend you doing it yourself. Go to a salon and get it done by the pros. After all it’s not every day you get married!

If you have a lot of experience getting a spray tan or applying a tanning lotion, go for it. A tan will help you look youthful, energetic, and vital. However, if you have never been spray tanned before, we would recommend you avoid it. There could be complications when getting your spray tan for the first time – you could be allergic, you might not get your colour right, there could be streaks. If your dream job is riding on this then it’s not worth the risk. It’s better to look natural and to feel comfortable. However, if you feel that a golden glow can be the difference between you being hired then make sure you ask friends for recommendations and get it done a few days before.

If you usually spray tan than keep doing what you do. A natural looking tan can make you feel more confident, sexy and relaxed on your date. If you do not feel confident applying a tanning lotion, visit a salon you’ve been to before and get a professional tan. If you’ve never had a fake tan before, now if definitely not the time. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortably orange on your hot date. The key here is simply consistency. Who knows if this first date might lead to true love? You do not want to start off with a bad impression.

These are some major key events that happen in our daily lives and when to go spray tanning for them. Some are always demand a spray tan, others depend on your preference, and one simply commands you not go do it.