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The Biggest Beauty Secrets

Friday, March 9, 2012
by John Doe

A few weeks ago on Facebook, we asked our fans to tell us their biggest beauty secrets for the chance to win an Adore Tanning beauty pack.  We know you’re not meant to tell other peoples’ secrets, but the beauty tips that were shared with us are too good to keep to ourselves!  After all, when it comes to looking your best you can never have too many beauty tips! From treating puffy eyes to dry skin, the beauty secrets we received are sure to come in handy! We hope you don’t mind that we’ve shared your beauty tips! Here are our favourite of everyone’s beauty secrets:

Well, it looks like the secrets are out! We just couldn’t keep such incredible beauty tips to ourselves. Just remember that these are our fans biggest beauty secrets, so try to keep them quiet! We hope you enjoy trying these new and exciting beauty tips for yourselves!