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Tanning Tips From The Best!

Friday, January 13, 2012
by John Doe

Everyone has their own spray tanning tips and tricks, and although we often like to use our own methods, it is always helpful to get advice from others!  For this reason, we decided to hold a competition last year, asking our Facebook fans to tell us their very best tanning tip.  We received fantastic responses and thought it would be a waste to keep such great advice to ourselves!  Unfortunately won’t be able to share them all, however here are a select few tips that we thought you may enjoy!

So there you have our select list of tips straight from other professional and regular tanners. Something that we certainly noticed from everyone’s entries was how important exfoliating and moisturising are to most people’s tanning regime.  For anyone who dares to skip these steps, we suggest you to reconsider! We hope you have enjoyed these pieces of advice and have learnt a thing or two.  We also hope everyone takes note of Briana N’s entry – wear your tan with confidence!