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Tanning Products for Dark Skin

Wednesday, March 14, 2012
by John Doe

Spray tanning isn’t only for those with fair skin, it’s also for those with naturally dark skin who like to maximise their summer look! Are you one of the people who love to use an extra dark solution? Do you just crave a deep summer tan? Then here are 3 of the best tanning products that we’ve found to achieve an optimum chocolate tan! AVIVA Labs 14% Original Solution If you have naturally dark skin and want a gloriously dark tan, then this solution is perfect for you! The AVIVA tanning solutions are well-known for containing premium organic Eco-Cert DHA and being formulated with only pure and essential ingredients. These solutions are fantastic for anyone with sensitive skin, being hypoallergenic and free of any oil, alcohol or fragrances. You’ll love the convenience of this solution, being quick dry and containing bronzers to give an immediate glow. You won’t catch a glimpse of your natural skin tone with this extra dark tanning solution!

Black Magic Midnight Magic 8 Hour Tan One of the darkest tans on the market, the Midnight Magic solution is one of the best tanning products for those with naturally dark skin. This solution is only for the most serious of spray tanners, containing high quantities of DHA and an extra dark bronzer.  If you have naturally olive skin, this product is perfect for you!  Enriched with Green Tea and Aloe Vera, you’ll love the soft and gentle feel of your skin after applying this spray tan.