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Summer Tanning Tips & Advice

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
by John Doe

Sunless tanning methods have gained great popularity as the much safer and healthier alternative to traditional sun tanning. They are able to give your skin a great tan without exposing you to the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. Here is some of our favourite summer tanning tips:

1 – Prepare your skin well before you go for your summer tan session. This involves exfoliating your skin to help remove any dead skin cells, thus enabling your self-tanner to absorb fully and evenly into your skin. 2 – Do not apply deodorant or moisturiser before your sunless tanning session as this acts as a barrier and thus prevents your tanning solution from absorbing well into the skin. 3 – Wax your body a day before your sunless tanning session – this is another of the tanning tips that you will find useful. This is because waxing leaves your pores open and getting your summer tan immediately after this can lead to blocked pores. To remove excess wax from your skin, take a shower after your waxing appointment. 4 – Apply a thick moisturiser to your nails if they are not painted. This is important because the moisturiser acts as a barrier and prevents your nails from turning yellow from the summer tan. 5 – Moisturise your body after you have had sunless tanning. This ensures that your tan lasts much longer and fades much more evenly, preventing that patchy look. 6 – Use sunscreen – this is another of the tanning tips that you should not ignore. A sunless tanning solution does not provide enough protection. So apply a good amount of sunscreen to protect your body from the dangerous UV rays. Most summer tan products do not contain sunscreen so stay safe and touch up every 2 hours! 7 – Wear hats, sunglasses and any other protective clothing. 8 – If possible, avoid being in the sun during peak hours when the sun’s rays are strongest. 9 – Drink plenty of water and liquids to ensure that you stay hydrated. This is another of the tanning tips that you will find helpful as it helps your skin remain soft and moisturised, as the body tends to lose a lot of water during summer. 10 – Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine as they tend to reduce water from your system and cannot therefore help you maintain your summer tan.