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Spray Tanning vs. Tanning Beds

Friday, December 23, 2011
by John Doe

We all love to have a golden tan, especially when the warm weather arrives and we’re ready to venture out in our summery dresses. But sometimes getting a tan can have its downfalls! Firstly, we all know that UV rays have harmful effects on our skin and health, especially if you are pale and tend to burn quickly.  And secondly, finding the time to tan in between work and your social life can be extremely tricky.  So given that we have these tanning problems, how else can we get a tan?  Spray tanning and tanning beds are two options however there are some vital differences between these methods that are important to consider! We will outline these for you now.

Health Issues The most important issue to consider when getting a tan, are the associated health issues! Given that tanning beds emit UV-like rays from their tanning lamps, they can have harmful effects on your short and long-term health. Many people believe that they can use these beds “carefully”, only going in for 8-10 minutes, however this is still not safe. Tanning beds have a number of harmful side effects, including premature skin aging and melanoma skin cancer, affecting various people differently. On the other hand, spray tans are a safe way to get your summer tan! With spray tanning there are no health issues to be wary of, making this method far more favorable than using a tanning bed!

The Process Not only are spray tans the safe option for tanning, but they are also more convenient. Using tanning beds requires regular sessions over time to build up your tan, which can take a lot of effort.  On the contrary, spray tanning can give you an almost instantaneous tan!  Taking less than half an hour to spray your body, your tan will then develop in a matter of hours. In addition to the quick nature of a spray tan, it can be done either at home or at a salon, making it the most versatile tanning process you could choose.

Price The cost of your tan is another important factor to consider! Price per session can vary for both of these methods depending on the salon. A spray tan may cost anywhere between $25 and $65, while a tanning bed will cost roughly $15 to $20 per session.  Although the tanning bed may appear more affordable at first, achieving a tan will take roughly 3 sessions, making the two methods fairly comparable in price.

So in the end, it’s clear that getting a spray tan is not only safer, but also more convenient than using a tanning bed. Given that the two methods are similar in price, the decision is a no-brainer. Spray tanning is the only way to get your tan this summer!