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Spray Tanning Courses

Friday, July 29, 2011
by John Doe

Are you looking to kickstart a profitable, yet flexible career? Or do you currently work in the beauty industry but want to specialise your skills in the area of spray tanning? Here we look at why this is a great career option and the steps involved in becoming a professional spray tanner including best practices on how to spray tan and spray tanning courses you can take to learn all the tools and tricks of the trade. Spray tanning has become incredibly popular in recent years and is growing at a rapid pace. The high demand for professional spray tanners, along with the flexibility this career offers, has made this profession one rich with future growth and career potential. One benefit about becoming a professional tanner is that you don’t necessarily have to work full time.  You can manage your time around your other daily tasks; whether in a salon or working from home. Many salons offer apprenticeships, where you can learn how to spray tan professionally through study that combines theory with hands on experience. Almost all salons are fully equipped to provide training however you need to be certain that the person who is training you is certified. Short spray tanning courses are available at various adult education or career centres, colleges and national training organisations. If you already have hair and beauty certifications and training you should be able to fast track your spray tanning training. Some spray tanning courses are customised for companies, which mean that you start your hands on training first through the company where you learn how to spray tan by eventually applying it on real people. This is supported by a theoretical component of your certification where you will need to attend classes. These part-time spray tanning courses tend to run after business hours for up to 4 hours a week over a few weeks. You can learn at your own pace in your on time and around your daily work schedule. Most of the time you do not need any equipment when you attend these classes but you will need a model on which to demonstrate. During your training you will learn all you need to know about how to spray tan including how spray tanning works and the history of spray tanning.  You will also learn how to analyse skin types and therefore be able to confidently advise customers on tanning colours and effects to suit each client’s specific requirements. A big part of training involves interactive hands-on training on how to apply spray tan flawlessly. Training also covers the different tricks of the spray tanning industry and how to set up a tanning business. Most salons will also teach you how different tanning machines work and how to best maintain them. Spray tanning courses are a great starting point for a career in the spray tanning industry and teaching you the basics on how to spray tan. Once you have finished your short course you will obtain a certificate of completion. This certificate will assist you in employment opportunities. Often, if you start your own business you will receive ongoing marketing, business and technical support after the completion of your course, putting you in a great position to enjoy a successful career as a professional tanner.