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Spray Tan Tips for Pale Skin

Friday, July 20, 2012
by John Doe

There are plenty of celebrities who are naturally pale such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Nicole Kidman, all exhibiting flawless, glowing skin.  So how do they maintain such gorgeous complexions?  It’s simple – they avoid the harmful sun and instead opt for healthy spray tanning!  If you have naturally pale skin and crave a bronzed tan, remember one important rule. Sun tanning is dangerous and will only result in freckles and a patchy red complexion.  Instead sunless-tanning is the way to go as it is both safe and able to leave you with a perfectly golden, healthy look.  You just need to ensure that you know how to apply, so here are some spray tan tips for pale skin.

1.    Choose the right shade.

It’s extremely important to carefully choose your spray tan solution! This is our first spray tanning tip because it’s the most important.  Spray tan solutions are sold with varying amounts of DHA which is the active tanning ingredient. Those with pale skin should try to use solutions that are 8-10% DHA rather than stronger solutions with 12-14% DHA.  Solutions will often specify whether they are intended for pale or dark skin, so take the time to read the product descriptions.

2.    Choose a slow-developing solution.

There are lots of different solutions these days, some developing a tan in just 1 hour, and others taking 8 hours. If you have pale skin and are nervous about tanning for the first time, we recommend you try a slow-developing tan, as you can wash it off once it has developed to your liking. This is one of the most important spray tan tips for pale skin as the fast tans don’t allow much room for error!

3.    Prepare your skin.

This spray tanning tip is important for all skin types, not just those with a pale complexion.  Preparing your skin before a spray tan will help your skin to absorb the solution evenly and develop a natural-looking tan. It’s important to exfoliate and moisturise for the days leading up to a spray tan. Just make sure you don’t apply moisturiser too close to your spray tan appointment – it’s best to let it sink in for at least 3 hours.

4.    Use a barrier cream.

This spray tanning tip is particularly important for those with fair skin. There are certain areas of the body that will absorb more spray tan solution than other areas, including the elbows, knees, hands and feet.  Applying a barrier cream to these areas before spray tanning can help to avoid tanning disasters.

5.    Build your tan gradually.

This is one of the most important spray tan tips for pale skin! Don’t be tempted to layer on lots of sunless tan all at once. Apply an even coat and allow it to develop and you can always add more if you’d like. Spraying numerous coats all at once can end in disaster!

6.    Remember to wear sunscreen.

This is a spray tan tip that we always try to remind people about! Just because you have a sunless tan, don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re protected from the sun. Your skin will still get burnt so continue applying SPF when you go outside!

Now that you’ve read our spray tan tips for pale skin, it’s time to start sunless tanning!  With these simple steps you can have a glorious, natural-looking tan without damaging your skin. Just remember that we’ve formed this information from lots of experience, so it’s worth following each spray tan tip if you want to achieve the best results!