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Skin pH and Spray Tanning

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
by John Doe

Understanding how the skin pH level affects a spray tan can be extremely useful when it comes to achieving an even, natural looking tan! You may be wondering what pH is and how it has anything to do with tanning.  If this is what you’re thinking then we promise it’s worth your time to continue reading – you’ll find the spray tan tips that follow to be incredibly useful for your tanning!

Defining pH

The simplest way to explain pH is as a measure of how acidic or basic a solution is.  Solutions can fall between 0 and 14, zero being highly acidic and 14 being basic.  A solution that has a pH of 7 (such as water) is neutral.  Most people’s skin has a pH level of 4.5 to 6, falling on the acidic end of the scale. This helps us to fight off bacteria, however if our skin pH increases above 7 then it can lead to various skin irritations.

How does this relate to spray tanning?

There are numerous things that will alter your skin pH level, including hormones, stress and beauty products such as spray tanning solutions. Although spray tan solutions will have no long term side effects, it’s worth finding a solution that suits your natural pH level in order to achieve an even looking tan.  Those with naturally dry skin should be most careful, as they are more likely to notice irritations from using alkaline (basic) products.

How to avoid disturbing your skin pH level

This is where our spray tan tips come in. If you know that your skin is easily irritated, take note of the pH level of the tanning solution you are using. Try to use a solution that falls lower on the pH scale rather than extremely basic products with pH levels above 7. DHA will add to the acidity of a tanning product, so solutions that are high in DHA will often have a less basic formulation.  Not only will these products help to balance your skin pH level, but they will also give you a stronger tan, making them ideal!  Another way to maintain a healthy pH balance is to use pH balancing products before and after tanning. The Playboy tanning range includes two fantastic products that will lower your skin pH, helping you to achieve optimal tanning results.  This is one of our best spray tan tips!

We hope these spray tan tips can help you to achieve an even and natural tan while maintaining balanced and radiant skin. Remember that your skin is the largest organ in your body so it’s definitely worth looking after!