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Salon Tanning vs Home Tanning

Monday, June 4, 2012
by John Doe

Sunless tanning is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its health benefits, the beautiful results it provides and its instantaneous effect. Just think about it for a moment, why would anyone continue to endure hours in the scorching sun to get a tan when they can achieve a fast and healthy glow with spray tanning?  It’s clear that sunless tanning is the best choice, the only thing that remains is whether you should tan yourself at home or at a tanning salon.  Here are a few of our tips for achieving the best fake tan possible.

Why We Love Salon Tanning

When you have the time and money, we would definitely recommend treating yourself to a professional spray tan.  You have a range of options these days, with different salons charging a range of prices for various tanning techniques. You can choose to use a tanning booth in some salons, which is often less expensive however still provides a great result.  Alternatively you be spray tanned by a professional spray tan technician which may be a little bit pricier but is likely to give you the best fake tan possible. When you’re tanning for a special event, we recommend you hand over your time and money to the professionals, as you’re guaranteed an even, gorgeous tan. After all, there’s nothing better than an all-over, natural-looking tan to help you look and feel your best!

Why We Also Love Home Tanning

While getting a professional spray tan can give you the best fake tan possible, home tanning also has its benefits! There isn’t always time to make it to the salon, and booking in with professionals can get pricey if you like to maintain a tan all year round. That’s why we love home tanning too!  We find that combining the two methods can provide the perfect balance, helping you to maintain a tan without blowing your budget.  Try booking in to a salon for a professional spray tan or a tanning booth once a month or for major events, maintaining your tan with self-tanning products at home in between.  There are loads of fantastic self-tanning products on the market these days, including gradual tanning moisturisers, tanning foams, tanning lotions and even DIY sprays.  Using self-tanners in between really is the best way to achieve a tan all year long without paying for a technician or a tanning booth every week.

So there you have our tips for achieving the best fake tan possible! With a combination of self-tanning products and visiting a salon or tanning booth, you can have a gorgeous glow all year round without breaking the bank or harming your skin with UV rays.