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Running a Professional Salon

Monday, September 19, 2011
by John Doe

Running any business is a huge responsibility and a great deal of commitment. Running tanning salons is no exception. If you want to deliver a professional salon for your customers you must get every angle of the tanning salon right, from management, staffing, marketing and maintenance. It takes more than a great tan! Here some tips to help you with your professional salon business.

When clients walk through your tanning salon doors they will expect nothing less than excellent service, the highest health and hygiene standards, unbeatable value and outstanding professionalism. They want to feel relaxed and walk away feeling and looking fantastic.

You and your Team It is very important that all your staff are on the same page. Every member of your team should know the do’s and don’t of the salon, and act in accordance with them. In or around a professional salon there should be no eating, drinking or smoking. This will keep your salon clean, odour free and attractive for the customers. All staff must wear uniform provided by you or dress professionally and smartly at all times. As an employer it is important to treat your staff with respect and make the workplace an enjoyable environment in which to work.

Keep it Clean Cleanliness is an important factor in the successful presentation of a professional salon. A tanning business requires a lot of direct or indirect human contact, and your staff, equipment and work space must at all times be kept in a hygienic and clean state. There should be adequate cleaning and sanitising products available for the staff to constantly ensure that the salon is maintained to the highest of standards at all times.

Keep up Stocks To run a successful tanning salon you should always have a good stock of all your products, equipment and materials. You don’t want to disappoint a customer who comes in for their favourite colour or product only to find it is not in stock. They may never return! Educate y our staff on the full range of products and services available at your tanning salon, as well as any promotions that may be running from time to time.

Get with the Times! To run a professional salon you need to update and service your technology regularly. There are lot of new innovations in tanning machines and products. If you do not stay up to date with the market you will eventually lose customers and will be using your work force ineffectively. Not only should your tanning equipment be up to date, but so should your processes and procedures. Payment and accounting systems, customer records and marketing tools should also be updated for effective business.

By following these tips you and your staff will enjoy the benefits of a professional salon that not only runs smoothly, has happy customers and sees commercial success but that is also a pleasurable environment in which to work.