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Quick Ways to Fix Self Tanner Streaks

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
by John Doe

Self-tanners grew more prominent when the risks associated with sun tanning gained more exposure. With the advancement of science, the formulas of these tanning solutions have been perfected and the results they produce resemble that of a natural suntan.

However, errors are likely to appear if you use an incorrect shade or if the product is not applied properly. Streaks and spotted imperfections do fade out eventually, but if you’re looking to removing the fake tan immediately, follow a few of our tips and tricks!

– Exfoliation is one of the best ways to remove a fake tan. Use a damp rough cloth and rub over your skin after applying a little cleanser, scrub, or moisturising gel. You can also use exfoliation gloves or loofahs instead of a washcloth.

– You can also try removing a fake tan with the help of baking soda. Simply apply the soda to a damp cloth and rub over your body to remove the dyed skin cells.

– Soak yourself in a tub filled with hot, soapy water and lie in it for an hour. Water also fades a faux tan.

– Add some baking soda to a tub filled with hot water and use a washcloth or exfoliating mitt to rub your skin. Gently exfoliate while you are in the tub.

– Lemons also help in removing fake tans. Cut a lemon and rub over the discoloured areas of your body. Citric acid existing in lemons has a bleaching effect and will reduce the colour of the streaks on your body.

– Use a strong toner on your face and neck every night before going to bed. Removing that orange tan from the face will be your prime target because it can’t be covered with clothing. Use a toner that contains alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxyl acids (BHAs) as these are highly effective in correcting the suntan errors.

– Rub alcohol over the body with the help of a washcloth or cotton pad. Your skin might become dry after the application so use a moisturiser afterwards.

– Apply baby oil over your body and take a hot shower to remove the fake tan. Exfoliate the skin while showering with the help of a loofah or a sugar scrub to reduce the streaked tan.