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Professional Spray Tanning

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
by John Doe

Over the years, spray tanning has become increasingly popular. This is a fantastic trend for tanning salon owners, as the potential for business growth is on the rise!  Given the high demand for artificial tans, most spray tan technicians are now well practiced at the application process. So if you’re already a tanning pro, are there any new tips to help increase your client base? The answer is yes! Key to your business is not only delivering premium tanning results, but also providing a pleasant tanning experience.  Here are some techniques and tips to help you become a true tanning pro.

Tip #1: Prepare clients for their appointment When a new client makes a booking, instruct them about how to prepare for their tanning appointment. This includes informing them about exfoliating and moisturing, as well as warning them not to shave too close to their appointment.

Tip #2: Make the experience as comfortable as possible Making the spray tanning experience as pleasant as possible will increase the likelihood of clients returning. There are many ways to make your clients comfortable. The most important factor is to maintain a clean tanning salon, including the spray tan machine! It can also help to monitor the temperature of your tanning rooms, remembering that the clients will be undressed for the appointment. Lastly, some friendly, casual conversation is a great way to make your clients comfortable.

Tip #3: Prepare your client’s skin When the client arrives, it is important to apply moisturising lotion or barrier cream to their elbows, knees, ankles and palms. These areas tend to absorb the spray tanning solution more readily, so barrier crème can help to avoid them turning too dark.

Tip #4: Prepare your clients stance Standing still is critical in order for the tan to be applied evenly. There are a couple of ways that you can help your client to remain steady during their application.  Firstly, have them stand on a damp towel, as this will stop their feet from raising or fidgeting during the procedure. Secondly, it is best to instruct the client about what to expect. Let them know that the spray tan machine will produce a cold spray, as this will help them to avoid flinching once you begin.

Tip #5: Be careful with their face! The face can be a tricky region to tan, and can also be the area that makes clients most nervous.  Try to keep your client calm and informed about this step. Firstly, never spray their face first as it can startle your client. Instead ease them into the process by spray tanning other areas first.  Secondly, ensure that their hair is tightly tucked under a shower cap, especially if they have blonde hair. This helps avoid their hair from soaking up colour and smell. Lastly, ask the client to hold their breath while the spray tan machine is focused on their face.

Tip #6: Drying their tan and preparing them for home Ensuring that the client’s tan dries before they get dressed is critical. Providing a fan is the best way to speed up this process, however either way you should give them at least 10 minutes to let their tan set after turning off the spray tan machine.  Preparing your clients for when they leave the clinic is another way to ensure that the client receives optimal results. Inform them not to shower for 8-10 hours and to avoid any strenuous activity that may cause them to sweat. Also instruct them to moisturise after each shower for the next 10 days.

With these tips, your salon can become one of the best spray tanning salons around. As you can see, using your spray tan machine to apply an even tan is just the first of many important steps!