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How to Prepare for a Spray Tan

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
by John Doe

We believe that every spray tanning experience should be a pleasant one! But did you know that half of your results rely on how you prepare? If you want to achieve optimum results, here is how to prepare for a spray tan.

Planning ahead of time is essential. You need to decide beforehand what day you would like to have your tan ready for and book to have your spray tan done a day or two before this. Remember that a spray tan generally looks best after it has had a day or two to settle.

To avoid skin irritation, remember to wax or shave a day before you have a spray tan. This is specifically important for waxing because your pores remain open for hours when you wax, and spray tanning over open pores can generally encourage blocked pores as well as bacteria. Also, if you spray tan too soon after waxing, you may end up with remnants of wax on your skin and this could in turn strip off parts of your tan.

Shower and exfoliate your whole body while concentrating on the driest areas of your skin such as knees, elbows, feet and ankles. One of the most essential steps in how to prepare for a spray tan is that you exfoliate your skin on the morning of your spray tan or at least a day before you are due for spray tanning. Take a shower shortly before you go for your tanning appointment to ensure that you are as clean and as fresh as you can be.

After showering, do not apply moisturizer to your face or body, as this is likely to create a barrier against the tanning solution and prevent it from absorbing and tanning the skin. Also, avoid perfume, deodorants, body spray or indeed any other beauty products that are likely to have the same reaction with your spray tanning solution.

Wear dark loose fitting clothes to your appointment. After tanning your skin will most likely be marked by the tanning solution. As such, you should avoid wearing anything that you wouldn’t like to be stained. Note that loose fitting clothes also prevent your tan from being rubbed off.

If you follow these tips on how to prepare for a spray tan, you should be able to achieve a spray tan that is natural looking and which may last for 8 to 10 days.