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Natural-looking Bronzer Tips

Thursday, August 4, 2011
by John Doe

1. Brushes For a natural, even- toned result, use different brushes for each of your products. Yes ladies, a new brush for your power foundation, your blush and your bronzing powder. This prevents the colours from mixing, allowing you to achieve the precise results you are looking for. 2. Bronzing Base Brush on your bronzer over the centre of your cheeks, sweeping along the apples and moving towards the bone of your temple. Continue by dabbing your forehead and patting down your nose. Gloss over your chin taking notice to not miss the under parts of your chin, neck and chest. This method targets the spots sun exposure highlights, allowing for a sun kissed, balanced appearance. Use a bronzing powder if you have oily skin, cream for dry skin and a mix of the two for normal skin. 3. Glowing blush To create dimension, use two different coloured bronzers or blushes. Your choice of colours depends on your skin colour. The trick to finding the optimum natural colour is to match your blush to your flush; your blush should match whatever colour your skin turns to when you’re cold or after having exercised. You can also match your blush to your lip colour. Where to apply your blush? Look in the mirror and smile… dab on the blush diagonally towards your temple over the lifted area of your cheeks. Lightly brush the blush over the rest of your face, making sure to add a little extra for your lower chin, neck and chest. Repeat with both colours. 4. In case of error The key is to start light before hitting the excessive mark. If you realise you’ve gone too heavy, apply a smidge of translucent powder over your face to lessen the intensity of the colour. If you’ve used cream blush, take a tissue and lightly dab away the colour. However, with all of the make up tips in the world sometimes you can miss the mark; if you cross the line of no return or recovery… wash it all off and start all over again! With these make up tips you’ll be applying your bronzer like a pro and be bronzed, glowing and beautiful in no time.