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Mobile Spray Tanning

Wednesday, January 4, 2012
by John Doe

How does it sound to get a glorious tan in just a couple of minutes? Pretty amazing! Often, we find ourselves drowning with heavy workloads, home chores, and other whatnots, making time at the beach virtually impossible. Fortunately, technology has developed ways for us to acquire a perfect tan, without the need to spend time in the sun.  Sunless tanning methods aren’t only convenient, but they also allow us to avoid the sun’s harmful UV rays!

Just when you think it can’t get any better, it can! There’s now something even more convenient than spray tanning, called mobile spray tanning! Giving us the option to acquire a rich and deep tan without leaving the comfort of our home, mobile tanning is an increasingly popular trend!

Advantages of Mobile Tanning

Before we delve into the benefits of mobile tanning, let us first understand exactly what this service is. In a nutshell, mobile spray tanning caters to men and women who want to be spray tanned in their own home. While this can be slightly more expensive than salon tanning, there are numerous advantages that lead people to choose mobile tanning, and we will outline these for you now.

1. Convenient

It’s quite clear that having a spray tanning professional come to your home is far more convenient than going to them!  Not only does it save you driving and parking time, but it also saves you from venturing out in your old, baggy clothes.  Another factor of convenience is that you can often book a mobile spray tan outside your office hours, while salons may be closed by the time you finish work.  And lastly, you can organise group appointments and get all your friends round for a spray! This is particularly useful for special events such as weddings, when the bride and bridesmaids may want a bronzed glow.

2. Clean and Comfortable

Privacy is a big issue for many people, often holding them back from getting a spray tan. With mobile spray tanning, you can rest assured that your privacy will be protected! When you get a mobile tan, you can choose which of your rooms you would like to be sprayed in and can rest assured that you are in the comfort of your own home!  In terms of cleanliness, you can feel safe being in your own clean space, and won’t even need to worry about post-spray mess since they bring their own tanning tent!

3. Affordable

But wait, didn’t we just say that mobile spray tanning was more expensive than salon tanning?  Although it is more expensive per session, you can organise friends to come over and pay a cheaper rate per person.  And the best part is that this can make a fun girl’s night in!

So if you’ve wanted to try spray tanning but have been held back by your busy schedule or need for privacy, mobile tanning is the thing for you! Try it out this summer. Remember that a spray tan is the best tan – your skin will love you for avoiding the sun’s harsh UV rays!