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HVLP Spray Tan Machines

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
by John Doe

The HVLP spray tan machine can cut minutes off a spray tan session if it is used appropriately. This is mainly because of the 8 inch spray pattern that the HVLP spray gun can produce in comparison to the typical 2 inch pattern that an air brush produces. Here is how to use the HVLP spray gun in the vertical spray pattern.

1. Start by adjusting the spray nozzle to a horizontal spray pattern of about 5 or 6 inches wide. Hold the spray applicator about 6 inches from the body when spraying. However, these settings are likely to vary depending on the speed at which you spray and the solution that you use. A few practice sessions with your HVLP spray tan machine will help you make adjustments that work best for you.

2. Try to keep a steady pace and follow through at all times when starting and stopping your spray, do it off the body while holding the mist applicator in a level position. If you realize that there are positions that require you to end on the body, do so by slowly letting off the spray trigger and quickly pulling the HVLP spray gun away from the body.

3. When spray tanning the face, instruct your clients to close their eyes, breath in and hold their breath for a while. Start by spraying down the front of the face, followed by the right side and then the left side after you can ask them to breathe again.

4. Approach the front section by asking your client to stand with feet apart and arms slightly away from the body. Using the HVLP spray gun, start with the shoulder and then spray down the left side as you veer off the left ankle, and then move to the right side of the body off the shoulder. Pulling the HVLP spray tan machine away from the body, move up the middle to the neck.

5. For the inside leg ask your client to slightly bend and turn their knee out. Spray up the inside of the left leg, pulling back when you get to the groin area. Repeat the same process on the right leg.

6. The inside of the arm should be treated with the palm of the hand facing the technician, start with the wrist area and moving quickly up the arm. Pull the HVLP spray gun back and spray lighter in this area. Repeat the process on the right side of the body.

7. For the sides, pick up from the point where you had left off on the inside of the upper arm. Move down past the arm pit going down the side of the body that is off the ankle. Repeat the process on the other side of the body.

8. With the back start by using the HVLP spray tan machine, start off with the shoulder and spray down the left of the body ensuring that you finish off at the shoulder. Move up the middle area to the neck.

9. For the back of arms, instruct your client to hold out their arms a little and then slightly rotate their wrists while turning their thumbs towards the back wall. Starting off the body, use your HVLP spray gun down the triceps area, moving to the side of the arm and finishing off at the wrist.

10. Top of the arms front should be finished off by starting from the body and spraying down towards the wrists veering off just before you reach the back of the hands

11. An important tip for the hands and feet is to ask your client to hold out their hands in a clawed position. Pull the HVLP spray tan machine further away from the body and perform a few quick light sprays.

12. Side of arms – ask your client to turn sideways with their thumbs pointing in towards their legs. Hit the top of their shoulders and move down the side of the arm ensuring that you veer off by the wrist.

13. Repeat the whole process depending on the skin type and the needs of your client.

14. Clean the palms of the hands and the bottom of the feet using baby wipes.

15. Use the air from the HVLP spray gun to dry your client.