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How to Remove Fake Tan

Monday, November 7, 2011
by John Doe

Have you ever wondered how to remove fake tan? When it goes wrong, is there any way you can fix it? Removing fake tan isn’t actually as complicated as it seems; in fact it’s quite easy. Here are some solutions for how to remove fake tan.

One method for removing fake tan is to rub lemon into your skin. Lemons contain a citrus that supports your health and surprisingly gets rid of spray tan formulas. You can use a regular lemon or real lemon juice. Either source will help remove the colour, especially on those tough orangey and blotchy patches.  Lemon is a safe and natural way to remove a fake tan.

Another option is to apply a heavy moisturising cream. Rub the cream into any areas that you wish to remove your tan from, leaving it to soak in for about 2 hours. With an old (but clean) towel, wipe off the lotion. Heavy moisturising lotions can help to remove a spray tan due to the oil they contain. If dry rubbing with a towel isn’t doing the trick, try removing the lotion in the shower using warm water and a towel.

Another good method is a hot bath. Soak your body in hot water for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. The longer you stay in for, the quicker the tan will come off.  The heat will help your body to sweat off the tan, and the water will help to loosen the formula and top layer of skin cells. Using a creamy body wash, you can further encourage any excess tan to rinse off.

Exfoliating your skin will also help remove your spray tan. The best way to exfoliate your spray tan is to lather your skin in baby oil or a deep moisturising cream. Use exfoliating hand gloves and softly scrub your body until the formula starts to come off.  Rinse with warm water in the shower and repeat if necessary.

So if you didn’t know how to remove fake tan, then there are a number of effective ways for you to try in future!