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How to Remove Fake Tan

Friday, April 27, 2012
by John Doe

There are some incredible benefits to spray tanning! Not only can we can have a glorious summer tan all year round without harming our skin from the sun’s UV rays, but with the array of one hour tanning solutions, we can be tanned in no time at all.  If you love your skin, it’s likely that you have given up the old fashioned method of sun tanning and started spray tanning at home or at professional clinics.  Otherwise you could be one of the few people that worry about their tan looking patchy, uneven or orange, therefore avoiding spray tans. If that’s the case, we want you to know that this is unnecessary for two reasons. Firstly, spray tan solutions have come a long way in the last decade and are unlikely to give an orange colour unless used incorrectly or excessively. Secondly, there are numerous ways to remove fake tan if you make any tanning mistakes.  Here are some of the best fake tan remover tips for those who already love spray tanning or those who have been too nervous to try it. We’ve put them in order of which one’s we recommend trying first.

So there you have our top tips for how to remove fake tan. There’s no need to worry if you have a spray tanning error, take a deep breath and choose a fake tan remover from our list above!