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How to get a Natural Tan

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
by John Doe

A healthy, glowing, sun-kissed look is the epitome of beauty by today’s standards. Due to the scares of skin cancer and premature aging, less and less people are tanning in the sun with more people turning to spray tanning and self tanning products to achieve a natural-looking tan. If you are wondering how to get a natural tan without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays then these rules should come in handy. Here’s how to get a natural tan, (well at least one that looks natural).Rule 1: Exfoliate The first rule to getting a natural tan is to exfoliate, and exfoliate well. Exfoliating helps to remove the dead skins cells that sit on the surface of the skin. If you don’t remove them, your spray tan or tanning lotion won’t absorb properly and you’ll be left with a patchy, uneven tan. When exfoliating it is important to pay extra attention to the known trouble spots such as elbows, wrists, heels and knees. Wherever the skin in thicker and dryer, the tan will become more prominent resulting in the common tanning faux pas- orange knees. Exfoliate in the shower or bath to wash off any sweat, dust and oil from your skin. The aim is to remove any barriers that will prevent your tan from being fully, and evenly absorbed.Rule Two: No Lines Avoiding tan lines is the best way to get a natural tan look. So be brave, and go au-naturale when getting a spray tan at the salon or applying self tanning products at home. By avoiding any tan lines you’ll get a perfect tan that will look so natural that people will think you were born bronzed! Always remember that different parts of the body absorb the tanning formula at a different pace. Therefore you must allow yourself sufficient time for different parts to get the natural tanned look. We recommend you use a tinted tanning lotion or spray as you’ll be able to see where you’ve already applied the products and make sure you don’t miss any key areas. Always keep in mind a natural tan is an even one.Rule Three: Hide the Evidence Stains, streaks and blotches are a giveaway that your tan is not a natural one. Always watch your hands – orange hands and stained fingernails are obvious marks that your tan is not authentic. Wear gloves or be sure to wash your hands with warm water and soap immediately after applying the tan. To be safe make sure you wash your hands every 5 minutes if you are not using gloves. Keep some lemon on hand to help remove any streaks or fix any mistakes you make once your tan has set. This natural remedy will help smooth out any streaks and can be applied to trouble areas like elbows and knees to lighten up your tan in these areas. The end result is a streak-free, even looking natural tan that will help you to look great, and feel amazing.