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How to Fix a Tan Gone Wrong

Thursday, June 30, 2011
by John Doe

Spray tans and tanning lotions can give you that perfect, natural sun kissed look but they can also from time to time go a little awry. Most people have experienced their own tanning disaster, when rather than sun-kissed their tan turns orange, streaky and just plain wrong.  Just what do you do with a tan gone wrong? Don’t freak out just yet, there are some tips and tricks to avoid and rectify that nasty orange spray tan look.

First to avoid a tan gone wrong situation, start by exfoliating your skin a day before you tan. This helps open up your pores and allows the spray formula to cover evenly throughout your body. Also, make sure you avoid moisturising your skin on the day of your spray tan, especially if the moisturiser is oil-based as it can make your tan look blotchy and uneven.

Feet, ankles, knees and palms are the areas that are most likely to give you that orange spray tan look. Shaving or moisturising on the day are the most common causes for these streaky, orange, not-so-natural tanned looks. However, there are ways to fix a tan gone wrong.

The lemon is one of nature’s best remedies. Perfect in tea when you’re sick, the lemon can also be used to remove the unwanted dark orange patches from a spray tan gone wrong. Simply cut a lemon in half and rub it on the problem area – the lemon juice will help lift the formula off. Lemon juice will also do the job, but make sure it’s real lemon juice and not just from concentrate.

Covering your body in oil, or any oily based moisturiser will also help remove streaks and fix your orange spray tan disaster. The longer you let it absorb into your skin the easier it will come off. Once absorbed rinse it off with warm – hot water.

Still looking a bit orange? Use a colour matching face bronzer for problem areas around your body. When applying the bronzer, use a makeup brush not a sponge. Brushing the bronzer on allows for more even coverage and blends better into your skin. Remember you want to reduce the patchiness, not cover it up with more patches!