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Getting Started Kit

Monday, June 20, 2011
by John Doe

The Getting Started Kit is essential for those who want to achieve a professional tanned looks with a complete all-in-one package. If you are a salon owner, have a mobile tanning business or if you feel comfortable operating this equipment for personal use, the Getting Started Kit may just be what you need.

The HVLP550 Pig Spray Tan System is a perfect substitute for compressors and airbrushes. The ‘Pig’ consists of a 3 speed HVLP turbine and heater function, 2.5m hose and professional modified spray gun for outstanding spray tan results and with its specifically designed nozzle it offers even greater control.

The Getting Started Kit includes:

Getting Started Kit Benefits:

What’s to love about the Getting Started Kit? The Spray Gun gives super quick and precise application with the wide angle of spray. Only a mere 50mL of spray tan solution is needed for a full body treatment. The Getting Started Kit is such a handy little machine it can be taken virtually anywhere! Complementary Products Adore Tanning also sells products that help prolong your tan. Here are a few: