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Essentials for a Weekend away

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
by John Doe

Say goodbye to winter, pack your bags and take off for a road trip.  We give you our top beauty picks for the perfect weekender…

Fresh, open air can do wonders for your skin so here’s the opportunity to let your skin breathe from heavy foundations and opt for a lighter finish.  New technology BB creams offer it all:  a skin-perfecting primer, long-lasting hydration and ample coverage.  Really great BB creams also target pigmentation and tones issues as well as blemish-fighting properties.

The perils of packing:  you are inevitably going to leave something of absolute necessity behind.  So now’s not the time to be making important decisions about the party eye shade you are going to be wanting to wear on your girl’s weekend Saturday night.  Your multi-shade eye palette is a godsend:  save the bronzy-beige neutrals for daytime sightseeing, and take your pick from the fun shades when it’s time to hit the town.

We’re going to safely assume you’ve done all your tanning prep before you left, so maintenance is key here.   Take care of both your body moisturising and tan extending by applying a gradual tanner each morning.  Post-shower is the best time to apply hydration products, just after towel drying when your skin is most receptive to locking in moisture.

Try MoroccanTan Luminous 3 in 1 Extender and Gradual Tan. $22.41

You’re all barrel curls and tight twists during the week; now’s your chance to let your hair loose for a spell.  Whether you’re on a beach vacay or not, let your natural texture take over and work a surf-scrunch look for a change.

While we should be SPF-ed up to our ears all year round, you need to be extra diligent on your getaway.  Surf, sand, road or mountains:  chances are you are going to be out in the sun more than usual and the opportunity for UV damage greater.  Look for a sunscreen that is Broad Spectrum (protects against both UVA and UVB rays) – UVA rays have been proven to penetrate glass so can still hit you on your weekend road-trip.

Try California Tan SPF 8 Sunscreen Lotion, $20.90.