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Comfortable Customers

Friday, August 19, 2011
by John Doe

Making your customers feel comfortable is extremely important in the tanning business. You want to keep a professional yet friendly attitude that makes your client feel welcomed to your indoor tanning salon.  Here are a few tips to make your customers feel more at ease.

Greeting your client is a small but important step towards making your client feel comfortable and welcomed to your tanning business. In a personal but professional manner, ask them questions about the tan they want to achieve. Let them know that you can assist them with any questions they might have about their tan such as colour lasting, bronzers, extenders and about whatever else they might be concerned. Provide any helpful tips about maintaining a spray tan, fixing a spray tan if it should go wrong, and how to boost their colour with enhancing lotions and bronzers. The more information you supply to your client, the better they will feel about getting a spray tan, especially if they are a first time customer.

Some clients aren’t fond of getting completely naked in front of a total stranger at an indoor tanning booth. If your client isn’t sure about spray tanning naked, remind them that bathing suits are completely acceptable when being spray tanned. Give your clients options such as spray tanning with a bathing suit, being in just a bathing suit bottom, thong style panties or going naked. You want them to wear whatever makes them feel the most comfortable. For the most natural look, you might want to tell your clients the benefits of spray tanning naked. It leaves no tan lines and makes the tan look even and natural from head to toe.

When spray tanning your clients, remember to remain professional at all times. Every body shape is different and some clients may feel more insecure than others. As you spray tan your client, conversation may make them feel more at ease. Besides telling them to change positions in specific poses, try talking to them on a more personal level with light and upbeat topics relating to their tan. Friendly conversation can ease the awkward feeling your client may encounter.

By making your clients feel comfortable they will develop a trust with you, resulting in coming back for your indoor tanning business. It’s a benefit for both your client as well as your tanning business.