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What Type of Skin Tone Are You?

Monday, June 15, 2015
by John Doe

It’s not breaking news to any of us; no two skin types are the same. Each of us fall under three skin tone types; either warm, cool or neutral. Luckily, whether it relates to make up or spray tans we have options available to help counteract any unwanted tones or products that will help compliment our skin tone.

It is once you determine what skin tone type you are, that you will begin to understand why ‘that lipstick’ shade looked better on your bestie than it did on you. Or why ‘that spray tan’  looked grey on her skin but amazing on yours.



Cool Tones


Cooler toned skin means that when you are analysing your skin you can see that it naturally throws off red, pink or blue hues.

Ways to determine cool skin tones:

• If silver jewellery flatters your skin more than gold

• The veins in your arms appear more blue or purple

• If red or pink colours  (with a cool toned blue-purple base) compliment your skin







Warm Tones


Warmer skin tones are those who have peach, golden and/or yellow undertones.

Ways to determine warm skin tones:

• If gold jewellery flatters your skin more than silver

• The veins in your arms appear more green or olive

• If warm colour such as oranges, reds and coral compliment your skin

• If you rarely burn when out in the sun






Neutral Tones


Neutral skin types a mix of both cool and warm undertones. Neutral skin tones are neither pink/red/blue nor yellow/gold/peach but is somewhere in-between.

Ways to determine neutral skin tones:

• If either silver or gold jewellery flatters your skin

• The veins in your arms appear either blue or green