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Benefits of Selling Retail

Monday, April 2, 2012
by John Doe

There are a number of ways that a tanning salon can benefit from selling retail tanning products.  Not only is it another means of income, selling retail products can also be a fantastic way to sell off any extra overstocked products.   If you’re contemplating whether to sell retail products in your salon, here are some reasons for why we think it’s a great idea.

Opportunity for extra profits Selling retail tanning products to your customers is another stream of revenue for your business.  As a small business owner, bringing in steady profits can be difficult so why not expand the reach of your salon and introduce retail products?  Items that are most likely to sell readily are those that help to complement a spray tan.   Selling products such as tan extending moisturisers or self-tanners that can be used in between spray tans are a simple way to bring in some extra revenue for your salon.  You’ll be surprised how many customers will purchase an item or two at the end of their appointment!

Enhance the customer’s experience Not only can you increase your salon’s profits, but providing retail tanning products can also help to enhance your customer’s tanning experience.  Having premium products available and recommending them to your customers is a great way to help them achieve a perfect, year-round tan.  Tan extenders can help your customers to get the most out of their spray tan, while self-tanners can help them to maintain a bronze glow in between their spray tan sessions.  Another great product to sell is a high quality tan-off mitt, which helps your customers to remove the remnants of their old tan before having their next spray tan.  The greater the range of helpful tanning products that you can stock, the more that you will be able to maximise your customer’s tanning experience.

Profit from every type of customer As a spray tanning clinic, your regular customers are those who like to have regular, back to back spray tans. However what about those who love being tanned but don’t have the time or money to get spray tanning that regularly?  In order to be a successful and highly profitable business, it’s important to cater to all types of customers.  Selling retail products may keep customers that only have occasional spray tans coming back in between sessions to purchase self-tanners and other useful products.  Maximise you profits by extending your business reach to both regular spray tanners and home self-tanners. And remember, if a customer returns to buy self-tanning products, they are more likely to have their occasional spray tan at your salon.  This is the best way to retain sporadic customers and maximise your market reach.

On-sell extra products Another great thing about selling retail tanning products in your salon is that many of them will overlap with what you use when you’re spray tanning customers. Therefore, you can on-sell any extra products that you have overstocked such as barrier creams or tanning solutions. Often purchasing products in mass is much cheaper, so you’re best to buy supplies in bulk and sell any extra products at retail value to your customers.  With the increasing popularity of sunless tanning, there are also an increasing number of people who now own their own tanning machines, so you can even sell extra bottles of spray tan solution that you aren’t able to use in time.

For these reasons it can be extremely beneficial to add a retail line to your spray tanning salon.  So next time you’re doing your salon order, purchase some extra products to sell as retail and watch your profits rise!