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Airbrush Tan Sculpting

Monday, November 14, 2011
by John Doe

One of the latest trends in tanning is a process known as tan sculpting. Tan sculpting enhances body features such as cheekbones, breasts, abdominals, arms and thighs. With just a few strokes of an airbrush tan, you can appear to be thinner, younger and more toned. The process was originally created for celebrities, body builders and models in order to give them a more defined physique and flawless look.

Although it is predominantly used in the modelling industry, beauty pageants and dance competitions, this form of body sculpting is now performed in a variety of tanning salons, allowing anyone with a special event to achieve a more defined look.

Ideal for special events, vacations, weddings, and competitions, tan sculpting is becoming increasingly popular. Using an airbrush tan for body sculpting is particularly effective given that the procedure is fast, painless and affordable.  The airbrush tan will last a few days before fading.

However with all of this in mind, the process also has one limitation. While an airbrush tan can enhance your physique and further define your features, it cannot change your entire appearance. For example body sculpting cannot give you the appearance of a body builder if you have no muscle tone at all. In this situation, the tan streaks would appear as strange lines that someone had drawn on you. Therefore, while tan sculpting is a fantastic body enhancer, it should not be seen as an alternative to working out.

Tan sculpting is an incredible procedure, allowing you to gain a flawless and defined appearance without any pain or difficulty. Available to anyone and suiting any skin type, this really is an amazing beauty trick.