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10 Problems Fake Tanners Have

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
by John Doe

Your face make up is now a different colour compared to the rest of your body

You might love your new beautiful bronzed glow; however the make up you were using yesterday is now about 153 shades lighter than your new chocolately goddess-like skin tone. Time to get the face bronzer out.

Dirty Bed Sheets

Hey… Get your mind out of the gutter! We have all fallen victim to the dreaded fake tan stained dirty bed sheets – inevitable for those avid DIY fake tanners or those that prefer Traditional 8 Hour Spray Tans. Not to worry though, stains usually come out in the wash.

What on earth is that smell?

Wondering what that smell is? That smell is you. Luckily these days most formulas no longer contain that distinct fake tan smell we have tried our best to avoid and are lightly fragranced to mask and prevent this – happy days.

When you’re flying solo and there isn’t a wing man to do your back

We have all been there when applying fake tan. Every spot is covered – except your back. Romeo wherefore art thou?

You have brown spots on the bottom of your feet from stepping on the spray tan overspray

You silly babes – this is an easy fix! Tanning Essentials Clean Feet will prevent this from happening in the future – simply adhere to the bottom of your feet.

Stripping down to your bday suit in front of ‘whatever your name is’

Sometimes going to your regular spray tan technician (or even at times a complete stranger) and stripping down to almost nothing can be a little daunting…like c’mon, not even a date first?!

To shave or not to shave your legs?

When is a good time to shave?! Typically you should shave the night prior to your spray tan to give your pores a chance to close again. Shaving afterwards may compromise and strip the tan from time to time.

Those strappy shoes you love are now a no go – they may just rub off your tan

If shoe straps tend to be too tight there is a large chance they will rub away at your tan and leave you with multi-coloured feet.

You’re vulnerable, helpless, cold and bored

But only while you’re waiting for your tan to dry.

Water is now your number one enemy

Well, at least until the recommended wash and wear time on your chosen product. The smallest amount of water prior to this time will cause streaking or even wash away your tan completely.