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10 Makeup Tips For Summer

Monday, February 6, 2012
by John Doe

Although summer brings plenty of pleasures, the heat and humidity can lead to some serious make up disasters. Not only can a sweaty face result in blotchy foundation and sliding eyeliner, but having a sun tan can also make your makeup look too pale.  Getting your summer makeup right can be quite a fine art, but it’s certainly one worth learning!  Make sure you have flawless and fresh makeup this summer with Adore Tanning‘s top 10 makeup tips:

1. Make the primer your prime product! Before you apply any makeup, take the time to cleanse you’re your face and use a primer. This will create a smooth base for applying your foundation and will also help to hold your makeup in place for longer.

2. Go a shade darker. When summertime arrives it’s best to substitute your winter foundation for a darker colour.  It’s never attractive to match a tanned body with a pale face.  So go out and get yourself some summer makeup!

3. Use a touch less makeup to achieve a fresh and natural look! This is one of the most important makeup tips. Don’t overdo your summer makeup; you will only end up with it sliding all over your face in the heat.  Try using a light water-based foundation or a tinted moisturiser.

4. Use your bronzer with care! To look your best in summer, it’s all about achieving a natural looking tan.  With some nice base colour from a spray tan, you should only need to apply your summer makeup lightly. Use just enough bronzer to give your face a healthy glow while maintaining a natural look.

5. Keep the cheeks rosy! Colour your cheeks with a dash of blush – after all, summer is all about looking radiant and healthy. Use cream blushers instead of powders as the cream will set into your skin rather than sliding around in the heat.

6. Switch to gloss and shine! Rather than wearing a thick lipstick which is likely to crease in the summer heat, try using balms or glosses. Not only do they look more summery, but they often contain SPF, helping to protect your lips from wrinkling in the sun. Lip glosses are one of our favourite summer makeup items!

7. Keep the eyebrows simple! Rather than plucking your eye brows thin and drawing on extra definition, allow your brows to flourish naturally. Hold back from plucking them for a few weeks – you’ll be surprised how quickly they grow back. In the bright summer light, natural brows will always look better!

8. Highlight the eyes! Eyes are one of the most beautiful features on the face, so why not accentuate them? Use fun and colourful eye shadows to get into the summer mood.  Remember from one of our earlier makeup tips, applying a primer beforehand will help your eye shadow to last for longer!

9. Use waterproof mascara and eye liner! Sweating in summer often leads to runny mascara and eye liner, which isn’t a great look.  Most brands offer waterproof options these days, so try to purchase these for your summer makeup.  Plus, if you get tempted to go for a swim, you won’t end up with panda eyes!

10. Stay clean and fresh! The final of our makeup tips is to exfoliate at least twice a week during summer. Your pores tend to open more easily in summer with the heat, so you don’t want to end up clogging them with sweat and makeup.  Follow a strict exfoliating regime to keep your face looking fresh and blemish-free.

So there you have our top 10 makeup tips.  Follow these hints to have perfectly fresh makeup this summer!