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Achieve a Professional Tan with Comp Colour Products

Designed for bodybuilders, dancers, models and other competitors, Comp Colour tanning products deliver a rich and dark pigment tan to guarantee confidence and success. Containing ethically sourced organic and natural ingredients, Comp Colour is cruelty-free and vegan friendly, making it a responsible choice. At Adore Tanning, we’re proud to offer a great range of Comp Colour products that are ideal for achieving a distinctive, deep and competition-worthy tan.

The Ultimate Self-Tanning Formula for Competitions

Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or a salon owner, Comp Colour can provide a deep, dark competition-level tan with a single application. Offering a Comp Colour solution at your salon can therefore help open up your clientele to competitors, fitness athletes, cheerleaders, dancers and more. With moisturising solutions that don’t cause streaks, fades or uneven spots, Comp Colour is trusted by competitors around the globe as a go-to tanning solution that achieves a deep, streak-free tan.

Buy Online Today

Adore Tanning stocks a fantastic range of Comp Colour products to choose from, including solutions and rapid kits. Shop our range online today, or if you have any questions regarding our range, simply get in touch with our friendly staff.