Effective in reducing the visibility of cellulite, Skinny Tan spray tan is an industry renowned product that allows you to have a great tan without the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays. Skinny fake tan is made using natural ingredients and delivers flawless, streak-free tans every time.

Skinny Fake Tan Essentials Kit

If you're looking to open a salon and join the world of tanning, the Skinny Tan Essentials Kit is the perfect place to start. Ideal for both established salons and small mobile businesses alike, the Skinny Tan Essentials Kit has everything you need to deliver great tans every time, including a supply of Skinny Tan solution.

The Skinny Tan Essentials Kit comes with the Tanning Essentials Pro V System, which is a powerful system that boasts a number of features, including DHA resistant components, adjustable airflow settings, built-in heat function, and smart memory features. The Tanning Essentials Pro V System has a narrow spray pattern and offers excellent control, meaning you can deliver a consistent and even spray of Skinny Tan solution with ease.

Skinny Tan products have a great reputation for being reliable and delivering streak-free, flawless applications every time, so contact Adore Tanning today to buy Skinny Tan products or to find out more.

Skinny Tan Essentials Kit Includes:

  • Tanning Essentials Pro V Spray Tan System
  • Tanning Essentials Disposable Starter Pack | 25 Hair Caps + 25 G-Strings
  • Tanning Essentials Cardboard Clean Feet | Pack of 25
  • 1 x Skinny Tan Medium 1L