Looking for a spray tan product with a deeply hydrating active ingredient that truly nourishes and invigorates the skin? Moroccan Tan spray solutions are infused with Argan oil, an antioxidant rich in Vitamin E sourced from Southwest Morocco. Locals believe this oil offers strong vitality benefits for the skin – and now everyone can take advantage, with Moroccan Tan blending their tanning products with Argan oil to achieve a natural and healthy appearance.

Adore Tanning proudly stocks Moroccan Tan solutions for professional tanners, retailers and at-home spray tan enthusiasts. Made from a variety of natural and organic ingredients, the triple enhanced bronzers and moisturisers will not only make you look terrific, but will provide a wealth of skin care benefits as well.

The Argan Oil Tan Specialists

Adore Tanning offers the full range of Moroccan tan solutions along with their retail range to prep, enhance and extend your colour. Designed to suit all skin types, the Original Argan Oil Tan protects the skin, keeping it healthy and hydrated whilst reducing the signs of premature ageing and delivering a natural and healthy boost with each application.

Moroccan tan professional solution is made from organic and natural ingredients and bears a sweet honey fragrance. Try them out today! Adore Tanning delivers Australia-wide, with free delivery when you spend $200 or more in one transaction. Browse our range of products and buy online today!