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Bella Bronze - Violet Dark Chocolate Bronze 14% - 3 Pack
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Bella Bronze - Violet Dark Chocolate Bronze 14% - 3 Pack

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Purchase Bella Bronze in a 3 Pack and save! 

A natural, sun-kissed looking tan. Bella Bronze solution is renowned for its true to colour result due to the blend of erythrulose, natural DHA and a touch of caramel. This creates a beautiful bronze with minimal wash off, is long lasting and fades off evenly.

This violet base solution is the ultimate colour for all skin types wanting a natural to ultra dark look. This advanced blend contains natural and organic ingredients that your skin will love.

This Chocolate Bronze solution is free from parabens and fragrances, is 100% vegan and not tested on animals!

Who is it Ideal for?

  • Clients with a brown or olive undertone to their skin
  • Clients who achieve a true brown hued tan naturally in the sun

Key Features

  • Natural + organic ingredients
  • 2 hour wash and wear for a light tan, 3-4 hours for a medium tan and 4+ hours for darker results.
  • There’s no need to spray too heavily – 1 normal coat or 2 light coats are all that’s needed.
  • Quick drying, non sticky, non oily formula

Size: 3 x 1 Litre

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